One of the negatives many investors experience when they hire a Plano property management company is that the “professionals” they hire don’t just focus on the managing of residential properties. Instead, many of these firms do a number of other things including buying and selling real estate. This makes it impossible for them to devote all of their time and energy to their Plano property management clients.

If you are an area real estate investor who has one or more residential rental properties, but doesn’t have the time to properly manage them, then you need to visit with the professionals at Specialized Property Management. We are a full-service Plano property management company who will assist you with any and all areas of your real estate investment business. We have been managing properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for more than 20 years. This means that we know our “stuff” and we know it very well. Additionally, the only thing we do is manage properties.

Many local residential rental property owners choose us because of the fact that we don’t mess with any other area in real estate. We just concentrate on our Plano property management clients and their needs. As your Plano property management firm, our professionals will provide you with a number of services. Yes, many other companies offer services similar to ours, but the difference with us is that this is all we do, which guarantees that you are getting the best service possible from us. Our attention doesn’t have to be divided up among projects…Plano property management is our only project.

It doesn’t matter what you need a Plano property management company for, we can do it. Our staff consists of a diversified group of professionals who specialize in various areas of management. For example, we have highly qualified accountants, professional property managers, marketing and advertising experts, leasing agents, excellent maintenance staff, operations personnel and many other professionals at Specialized Property Management. It’s because of these professionals that we are able to guarantee you the best service, regardless of what phase of Plano property management you seek.

While we will provide you with a list of comprehensive services that we offer, a few of these services include marketing your properties to find the most qualified tenants, collecting rent, dealing with evictions, understanding and complying with all state and federal laws concerning rental properties, keeping properties maintained, providing you with detailed accounting and financial reports and much more. The best part is that we can offer these services to you for excellent prices! You won’t be disappointed when you come to Specialized Property Management for your Plano property management needs.

To learn more about all the ways we can help you, contact us today.