Why Periodic Inspections Are a Good Thing

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The More, the Merrier: Why Periodic Inspections Are a Good Thing


Taking the time to conduct proper property inspections is an important and necessary step to ensure your rental is well-maintained and secure. But while most landlords perform routine “clean and safe” checks, few owners remember to make an effort to regularly hold move-in and move-out and the in between inspections for their routine property management. Dallas landlords can now sign up for optional inspections to keep their properties in prime renting condition. Our Specialized Property Management experts will typically conduct move-in, periodic, seasonal, and move-out inspections. Rest easy knowing our inspections can assist in resolving any tenant issues that could come up in the future.


Things to Remember for Dallas Property Management Inspections?


Neglecting periodic inspections can lead to disaster, not to mention possibly paying for damages for property management. Additional inspections are always a good idea, at least 3-6 months apart. Here are three good tips when conducting additional inspections:

  • Make sure to document all your inspections, and consider taking pictures. You’ll be able to see for yourself if there are any minor or major problems while tenants are living in the property.
  • Always notify the tenant when you’re holding an inspection. Tenants need to trust that you’ll be transparent with them, and surprise inspections can cause the tenant to lose trust in you.
  • Trusting the Specialized Property Management experts with all the hassle and scheduling of inspections. With decades of experience, we can keep you informed and aware of everything that happens with your rental property.


Dallas landlords should keep in mind that a well-presented rental property will rent faster and sell at a higher price. Keeping up on inspections is key to property management. Dallas local experts at Specialize Specialized are ready to regularly maintain your home and make it more attractive to great renters and hold its value for your investment. If you want to hold a more informal inspection, consider just driving by the home once in awhile. Remember, this doesn’t replace proper regular inspections, but it’s important to make sure your property is presentable from the curb.


Professional, frequent inspections of your property both inside and out are an advantageous way to assess property conditions and ensure tenants are complying with the terms of their lease. Contact us today to learn more!