Plano Property Managers: Here’s Why You Need Specialized Property Management

Do you ever feel like you can’t go anywhere because you’re stuck handling every component of your rental property? If you want the freedom to be able to live wherever you want without being tied down to your rental property, you need the services offered by a professional property management. Plano property managers who want to save time and money turn to Specialized Property Management for their property management needs. With Specialized Property Management, you’ll reduce stress and have more time to do the things you want. Here are just some of the services we offer:

Proper Tenant Screening

At Specialized Property Management we know how important it is to have responsible tenants who take care of your rental property and pay rent promptly. We perform background checks on all potential tenants over 18, checking credit, criminal, and past rental history to ensure you’re getting a quality tenant. Our tenant applications ask pertinent questions without violating any Fair Housing Rules or Regulations.

All Maintenance Repairs

Nothing’s worse than when you’re enjoying that Texas beach or just about to enter the gates of Disneyland and you receive a maintenance call from your tenant. Instead of returning home early to fix that leaky faucet, or trying to get in touch with your local handyman to take care of it, trust the experts at Specialized Property Management. We know that Plano property managers deserve a break, too! We are on call 24/7 to handle all maintenance requests, and we’ll have a licensed and trained professional out to fix the problem for you right away. All of our contractors perform quality work, so you don’t have to worry about going back to fix it again later.

Reduce Tenant Turnover and Vacancies

With Specialized Property Management as your go-to experts in property management, Plano property managers don’t have to stress about their home sitting vacant for extended periods of time. We have the tools and resources to effectively advertise and show your property to qualified applicants to get it leased quickly. Once a tenant has moved in, we do everything we can to keep them comfortable and satisfied in their home. We aggressively work to encourage tenants to renew their lease. You won’t have long periods of time without a tenant.

Investors, free up more of your time to enjoy doing the things you love! Contact Specialized Property Management today to find out more.