Why Dallas Real Estate Investors Contact RPM

Regardless of whether you are new or have been doing it for a while, as one of the many Dallas real estate investors, you know that this is a very cut-throat business. You are either a successful investor or one who is struggling to make ends meet. The reason that owning investment properties is such a risky business isn’t because of the tough market…it’s all about your management skills. This may be surprising to you, but a lot of Dallas real estate investors do not possess good property management skills. This is why they come to Real Property Management. RPM is the company Freddie Mac chose when they were searching for a management company to care for their inventory of homes across the nation. If we can handle all of these homes and their management needs then it’s no wonder so many Dallas real estate investors trust us. We know exactly how to make rental properties profitable investments for our clients. In addition to helping you manage your current investment properties, we also provide Dallas real estate investors with other services as well. These include:

  • Lending Services: One of the hardest things for new Dallas real estate investors to do is get financing for investment opportunities. RPM offers hard money loans that are designed to give Dallas real estate investorsthe quick financing they need to build their portfolios and start generating the income they need.

Our hard money loans are generally for a short term of only 12 months and are only for 70% of the property’s value. These loans are normally easy to qualify for as they don’t require high credit scores or a specific income. Due to the fact that they are non-bank loans and are short-term loans, they naturally have a higher interest rate. However, for the majority of Dallas real estate investors, the higher interest rate isn’t an issue because they are able to quickly pay off the loan with the income the investment property generates.

  • Finding Investment Properties: Real Property Management also works with many Dallas real estate investorsin their search for new investment properties. Our trained professionals know the Dallas-Fort Worth area well. We know where to find the investment properties that are in your price range, will give you the best return on investment and have the best chances to stay rented.

Therefore, regardless of whether you need a property management company that knows how to effectively manage your rental properties or you need help finding, and financing, your next rental property – Real Property Management can help. Contact us today to learn more about all the ways we help Dallas real estate investors just like you. You’ll be glad you did!