Who Do We Serve at Specialized Property Management?

You need a professional Dallas rental management company that you can depend on, and Specialized Property Management is here to help! We know that your job as a rental property owner comes with its ups and downs. With over 30 years of experience in Dallas real estate management, our property owners consistently trust our team of professionals to help them through every phase of the leasing process. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

Homeowners Needing Dallas Rental Management

Sometimes a job opportunity comes up that you just can’t turn down, and you have to relocate suddenly. Maybe you’re ready to downsize your living space to save some money. It’s also possible you’ve fallen in love with the perfect home, but you can’t sell your current one. Whatever your reason for moving, as a homeowner, you can rely on Specialized Property Management to help turn your residence into a rental opportunity. We are the Dallas rental management team that advertises your home and gets it ready to lease while also setting a competitive rental rate. Homeowners trust our comprehensive tenant screening process and cost effective maintenance to save them time and money in the long run.

Individual Investors

We help investors avoid the hassles and headaches that can come along with Dallas real estate management. Investors know we give them a better return on their investment with our affordable processes and marketing strategies. Plus, even if you live far from your unit, you don’t need to stress about the status of your property. You can keep up to date with our online owner portal and have access to pictures and real-time updates of your home.

Various Institutions

Investment firms, banks, mortgage lenders, and government entities contract with Specialized Property Management to provide them with reliable, comprehensive investment management. They know our work ethics will give them the reliable service they need.

Whether your rental is one unit or several single family homes, multiplexes, condos or other multifamily properties, we are the Dallas rental management company with the knowledge and expertise to help your investment be successful. Give us a call today to find out more.