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Your home should be a peaceful place when you need that personal quiet space. Sometimes the peace of a neighborhood is broken and a noise complaint needs attention in your rental property. An occasional celebration or event can be tolerated. But repeated disruptions at the wrong time is hard to live with daily. Proper handling of a complaint can help to avoid bigger problems down the road.

Is the noise disturbing your tenant?

It is never an easy thing to make someone do something they don’t want to do. But sometimes good communication is the key to avoiding conflict between two people. Does the neighbor who mows his lawn at night know that his mowing wakes up a baby? Sometimes just simply making someone aware of a situation may be all that is needed to resolve a noise problem. The art of compromise is an invaluable tool. If the problem persists,  Specialized Property Management can be a resource for tenants and know what local quiet hours are and what laws or community ordinances apply to community noise disturbances. No matter how bad a conflict may seem, never go outside of the law or act in retaliation or anger. Always try to resolve conflicts legally and calmly.

Is noise from tenants disturbing others?

Expectation of noise and quiet hours and curfew laws can be well communicated at the time of leasing. Early communication and expectations can help eliminate problems with tenants before they happen. Clear policies and penalties are explained at the time of lease signing so when a problem may arise a reminder is all that is needed to change the situation. Repeat offenders may need face penalties of eviction.

Specialized Property Management wants tenants to feel their rental unit is a peaceful home. And they want neighbors to feel the same. Noise problems can easily escalate with tempers and misunderstandings. With clear leasing policies, good communication, and skilled conflict resolution, renters can experience peace and relaxation in their home.