Understanding Reasonable Accommodations Under Fair Housing

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All Plano property management companies must understand Fair Housing laws or sooner or later they’ll stumble unknowingly into a violation that could bring heavy fines or even an appearance in court. One of the groups protected by the Fair Housing laws is people with disabilities. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has detailed what it means to provide reasonable accommodations to these tenants.

What does “disability” mean according to the law?

A disability according to the Fair Housing laws is a mental or physical condition that substantially limits that person’s ability to participate in major life activities that are important to daily life. DFW property management companies should be careful when first interacting with potential tenants. A person’s disability is not always immediately recognizable and a property manager may do or say something that does not comply with Fair Housing laws. Conditions like heart disease or epilepsy, for example, are not obvious when meeting someone.

What does “reasonable accommodation” mean according to the law?

Reasonable accommodations for someone’s disability is required by law.  A simple policy change by your Plano property management to accommodate a disability is seen as fair and “reasonable.” Requests that are unreasonable would be those that put undue hardship on the landlord. “Reasonable” requests include changes to policies surrounding parking, rent collection procedures, or pet policies when there is a service animal. These accommodations should not be offered outright, however, because even if the offer is made from caring consideration, the assumption of the need for an accommodation may be viewed as discriminatory.

How can our Plano property management help you?

Some applications of the Fair Housing laws are simple and straightforward. You can’t reject a tenant application simply on the grounds that someone has a blind child, and they want you to put up warning signs to protect the child. But if you take a look at the law, there are many clauses or very detailed requirements that are easy not to recognize during everyday interactions with people. Many DFW property management companies unknowingly break the law–legal mistakes that result in hefty penalties and fines. Partnering with Specialized Specialized Property Management will help with legal counsel in your back pocket, giving you the comfort of knowing you are always managing your properties within the bounds of the law.

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