Two Myths About DIY Property Management in Dallas

property management in Dallas


Hiring a Professional Property Management in Dallas Can Save You Thousands

1. MYTH: Leasing rental property is simple.

FACT: Leasing rental property is a complex business.

The cost of vacancy is the single highest expense for owners. The average number of days a rental property home is vacant is nearly 52 days, meaning the average landlord goes almost two months without turning a profit. The wait can be even longer if the home isn’t rent-ready or is priced above the market. Marketing a home and finding good tenants is the cornerstone of the success of your rental. Specialized Property Management leases a majority of homes in half the time. We do extensive background checks and debt-to-income ratio analysis on applicants in order to find the best possible tenant. Our services include:

  • Property assessment
  • marketing on over 95+ sites including MLS
  • Property showings
  • Tenant applicant screening
  • Lease signing
  • Rent collecting

2. MYTH: All property management companies offer the same services. It’s best to go with the cheapest price and save money.

— FACT: Not all property management companies are created equal.  

“You get what you pay for” applies to property management in Dallas. Other rental property management in Dallas can’t offer the experience you get at Specialized Property Management. When a company diversifies their efforts in a variety of businesses, you don’t get the focused attention you need to make your real estate investment a success. You may get a property manager who is experienced and well-verse in some areas, or you may get the new guy still learning the ropes of rental property management. Dallas landlords shouldn’t need to worry about whether or not a company knows all the best practices in the field. Specialized Property Management uses a team of trusted specialists who only focus on property management. Each team member completes one or two tasks on you home, meaning you get the best possible outcome in every situation, from marketing, leasing, maintenance, property management, collections, evictions, accounting, monthly CPA audits of your trust account, and legal compliance oversight.


Specialized Property Management is the leading property management in Dallas where you find the experts that only manage rental property. Learn more about your comprehensive list of services today and discover hassle-free rental investing.