Top Arlington Property Management Company Looks at the Latest Housing Trends

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May 1, 2016,  Dallas, TX— Arlington property management experts at Specialized Property Management DFW are watching the current housing trends in the Greater Dallas area and seeing how those trends will play out with rental property investing.


The Texas economy is on a positive upturn after the oil crash of last year. New jobs are attracting people to the area meaning the demand for housing is also on the rise. Housing prices are also rising, making moderately priced homes an especially hot item for buyers. The current supply of homes on the market aren’t keeping up with the new demand.


“The growing Texas economy has made it difficult for homebuyers this year,” said Stefanie Mendoza, Director of Operations at Specialized Property Management DFW. “As new residents come into the area with new jobs, they need housing. Property investors who can offer single family rental homes can see fewer vacancy days with more families looking for comfortable housing in a highly competitive market.”


Property investors may want to consider adding to their portfolios before interest rates go higher and housing prices also increase. Housing prices are predicted to go up because of the increase in land prices and construction costs. Home prices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have increased 8.7 percent from 2014 prices, according to the Standard & Poor’s/Case Shiller Home Price Index.  


Arlington property management services from Specialized Property Management DFW can help investment property owners prepare for either buying, selling, or leasing rental property. “At Specialized, our goal is that property owners make the most from their investment, and that tenants feel at home in their neighborhoods,” said Mendoza. Specialized-DFW is prepping for the hot summer real estate season.


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