The Single-Family Leader for Rental Property Management in Dallas

Before the housing crisis took place ten years ago, there weren’t many single-family rental properties on the market. Most people rented a unit that was part of an apartment complex or multi-family plex. Today, however, there are almost double the number of single-family homes for lease around the nation. According to statistics from the National Multifamily Housing Council, 43% of renters live in a single-family home. That’s almost half of all renters! Things have changed over the last few years in rental property management. Dallas rental property owners who focus on single-family rental homes are finding that it’s a more stable investment for them in the long run. Here are some advantages to owning single-family rental homes:

    • Single-Family Tenants Stay Longer
      Most tenants who rent a single-family home intend to stay for at least a year, if not longer. This reduces your tenant turnover and helps you form a relationship with the tenants. Things like maintenance issues and neighbor-neighbor tension are less of a problem with a more reliable tenant.


    • Single-Family Tenants Tend to Take Better Care of the Property
      If your tenants have a long-term plan in mind, they are more likely to treat the home as if it were their own. Also, there’s a good chance they will inform you faster if a problem arises because they know they’ll be in the home a longer amount of time.


  • Single-Family Homes Offer Tenants More Freedom and Mobility
    More families are renting instead of buying because they want to live in a single-family home, but they like the freedom and mobility of renting. Leasing a single-family home gives tenants that flexibility they want.

Now that you’re convinced a single-family home is a smart investment, hire the experts in rental property management. Dallas investors put their faith in Specialized Property Management to manage their rental properties because we are the local leader in single-family residential management. Single-family homes comprise 70% of the properties we manage, so we have the expertise to help you succeed. And with our effective online owner user portal, you have 24/7 access to your rental property no matter where you are. Property management in Dallas is easier with Specialized Property Management on your side. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.