Our goal at Specialized Property Management Dallas is to help landlords succeed. We know that a lot of  Dallas residential property management companies have promised you that they’ll save you time and money, so how are we different? Not only do we save landlords time and money, but we also help them avoid common mistakes in this industry. We’ve been in this business for over 25 years, and landlords continue to come to us because we offer the expertise and know-how to see their investment succeed.

We Help You Pick the Right Property

A lot of landlords come to us because they want to invest in a Dallas property but they don’t know the area. Fortunately, all the members of our team live and work locally, so we know the places in town where rental homes flourish. When we help you pick out your rental home, we consider a lot of different factors, including:

    • The location of the property


    • What the schools are like


    • What kind of HOA codes and municipal regulations exist


    • The value of the homes in the neighborhood, whether they are appreciating or depreciating


  • The layout and age of the home

You don’t want just any property. You want a rental property that’s going to make it easy for you to succeed. We can help you find one!

We Rent Your Property Efficiently and Promptly

There’s a lot of steps that go into getting a home ready for lease. We take care of the nitty-gritty work so that you don’t have to. A lot of landlords make the mistake of showing prospective tenants their home before it’s ready, or they fail to market it as effectively as they could. This can lead to extended vacancies and make you lose money. Here’s how we get your property rented more quickly:

    • We conduct a free market rent analysis: we look at other homes in the area and see what they’re leasing for. Then we set your rental rate at a competitive price.


    • We get it “rent-ready”: this includes professional re-keying, lock box installation, and guidance on any repairs that may be needed to help your unit rent faster. We provide you with a free “Rent Ready” checklist to make sure you don’t forget any details.


    • We advertise your home extensively: we publicize it on 80+ popular websites, our own website and several other outlets in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. We also post video tours of your home to interest qualified applicants.


  • We show the house for you: some landlords feel intimidated or embarrassed about showing their rental home to potential tenants. At Specialized, we have professional leasing agents to showcase the best qualities of your rental home.

We Conduct Tenant Screening that Works

It’s just not enough to hand out applications or post them online. You’ve simply got to have a thorough tenant screening process in place if you want reliable tenants. When other Dallas residential property management companies neglect this step, they are putting you and your investment at risk. According to Smart Move, “56% of landlords say that no matter how much they like a tenant, they won’t take them if their credit check is bad.”

And you shouldn’t either. Picking a tenant based on likability just isn’t smart Dallas real estate management. At Specialized, when we screen tenants, we use the following criteria:

    • We comply with all discrimination laws, the fair credit reporting act, and all Texas Department of Real Estate codes


    • We require an application for every tenant over 18 years


    • Perform an extensive background check, including checking credit


    • Verify a combined tenant income of at least three times the rent rate.


    • Verify at least the past two years of rental history


    • Investigate whether the tenant left any property damage in their previous rentals


  • We conduct a criminal background check and look out for anyone with a history of drugs or theft, and especially violent or sexual offenders.

Don’t just rent your home to the first person who shows interest. At Specialized, we make sure that the tenant you’re renting to will be a responsible one.

Unlike Other Dallas Residential Property Management Companies, We Keep Your Tenants Happy

A satisfied tenant is much more likely to keep renting from you. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your tenant’s needs or brushing them off when they call you. Remember that without them, you wouldn’t have a customer, and you can say goodbye to that monthly cash flow. At Specialized we know tenant interaction can be tricky. Be sure to:

    • Be fair and honest with your tenants


    • Respond quickly to their maintenance requests and take good care of the property


    • Treat your rental home as a business and avoid emotional or personal involvement.


    • Be aware of all safety and health issues and do everything you can to stay in compliance


  • Treat your tenant how you would like to be treated

Sometimes the best way a landlord can show their tenant they truly care about them is to call or email them occasionally to check up on them. This is especially important right after your tenant moves in. Don’t assume everything is going ok because you haven’t heard from them. Be proactive and initiate professional and clear communication.

We Perform Regular Inspections and Take Care of All Maintenance Issues

Most landlords would rather not deal with the maintenance of their rental home if they don’t have to. We have a 24/7 maintenance hotline where tenants can call in or email us no matter the time of day. That way we are getting the calls at 2 a.m., and not you! We also have a take-charge approach to maintenance in your rental unit. We have a licensed inspector come out to your home on a quarterly basis to check:

    • Plumbing


    • Furnace


    • Water Heaters


    • Air Conditioners


    • Appliances


    • Windows/Doors


    • Safety hazards


  • Any other maintenance issues the tenant wants to be addressed

These inspections are also a great time to ensure lease compliance, such as number and type of pets, smoking, number of occupants, etc. At Specialized we try to catch maintenance issues before they become a huge problem for you and your tenants.

Your team of professionals at Specialized Property Management Dallas wants to help you succeed in every process of the leasing cycle. Among Dallas residential property management companies, only Specialized can boast of a 98% customer satisfaction rating. We take the hassle out of managing a rental property and give landlords the tools they need to ensure a profitable investment in Dallas real estate management. Call us today to put us to work for you!