The Future of Dallas Residential Property Management

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We can speed up your leasing process with two words: electronic showings. The future is here, and Specialized Property Management embraces technology in ways that make you money. This is just one of the many reasons why we’re the best property manager in Dallas.


The Problem  

When your property sits vacant, you lose profits faster than sand in your hands. Most Dallas residential property management companies are still in the dark ages of property showings and require tenants to set up a time with an agent to see the property at a convenient time for both parties. Scheduling hassles can frustrate applicants since they often have limited time and many options. They will often move on to the next property or the one that is more convenient to see. This reduces your applicant pool as tenants self-select out of it.  


The Solution  

  1.     Applicant views your property online and decides to view it.
  2.     Applicant completes an online request and provides an active credit card to be held as a security measure should damage occur.
  3.     Specialized Property Management prescreens the applicant and provides an electronic code to access the property during a short, specified amount of time.


We also provide video tour and expedited in-person showings, but the electronic system speeds the process by maximizing interest at its peak and increasing the applicant pool. In this fast-paced industry, applicants are likely to move on to another property if faced with outdated scheduling hassles.

Every prospective applicant is a potential lead to your next tenant, so as the most proactive property managers in Dallas, we keep them interested and moving towards a rental by providing a variety of options to see your property. This increases your pool of responsible and qualified applicants and means your property will rent faster and stay rented longer. You’re welcome.

You worked hard for your profits. Hold on to them! Call one of our techie property managers to learn more about electronic showings today.