Outside of the Lone Star State, temperatures are dropping as the fall and winter months set in. Some states like Idaho and Montana are already seeing snowfall. While it doesn’t usually get to be cold weather until around January here in Dallas, as cold fronts start to come in, now’s a great time to take a look at your furnace and make sure it’s getting the maintenance it deserves. Specialized Property Management is the leader among Dallas property management firms and we want to ensure you and your rental property are prepared to turn that heater on!

First: Identify Your Heater

Depending on where in Dallas you live, you may have an electric furnace, or you depend on natural gas to heat your home. Here are some 2015 statistics from typical homes around the DFW area and which type of furnaces are most widely used.

  • Addison: 81% electric, 19% natural gas
  • Carrollton: 71% electric, 29% natural gas, 1% petroleum gas
  • Lewisville: 68% electric, 31% gas, 1% petroleum gas
  • Coppell: 48% electric, 52% gas
  • The Colony: 55% electric, 44% gas, 1% pet. gas
  • Flower Mound: 26% electric, 73% gas, 1% pet. gas
  • Grapevine: 61% electric, 39% gas, 1% no fuel used
  • Frisco: 39% electric, 60% gas, 1% pet. gas
  • Little Elm: 59% electric, 39% gas, 1% pet. gas
  • Plano: 51% electric, 48% gas, 1% pet. Gas

From the Lex Air Air Conditioning and Heating Blog,

“According to the US Energy Information Administration’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey, about half of Texas homes are heated with electricity and electric resistance heating is becoming even more popular. Natural gas is used to heat only about 42 percent of Texas homes. About 2 to 3 percent use propane, and a very small percentage have no heat at all.”

If you’re still not sure how to identify what kind of heater you have, you can always contact the original home builder to find out.

Next: The Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Here are some things you can do on your own to make sure your heater is functioning properly:

  1. Turn off the fuel and electricity before beginning
  2. Check the furnace filter monthly when it’s cold outside.
  3. Check to make sure there’s not any kind of corrosion.
  4. Seal leaky air ducts with metal tape.
  5. Look at the heating vents and make sure there is proper air flow.

Third: When You Need a Professional

Most of us don’t really have the specialized training to perform extensive furnace maintenance, so that’s when you need to hire a professional who does. If your furnace is turning on and off in a short amount of time or has any other problems that you can’t quickly identify, it’s best to leave it to a specialist to fix.

Don’t just take a guess on furnace maintenance, call the property management company Dallas landlords rely on: Specialized Property Management. We have licensed maintenance professionals who can give your furnace a thorough check to make sure it’s ready for the colder months ahead. Don’t rely on other Dallas property management firms, trust your Specialized team to keep you on track and help your investments succeed.