Dallas real estate property management


Some cars are the lucky ones. They get new paint, wax, and wheels as well as a complete engine overhaul to keep them running well past their prime. As a result, they are worth far more than even their original value.

Keeping things running and looking good in a rental property is equally worthwhile. Inevitably, appliances break, floors need to be replaced, and leaky faucets need repair. If you proactively attend to them, or hire Specialized Property Management to take care of your Dallas rental property management needs, the reward is a well-maintained home that saves you money in three ways.


1. Reduced Vacancy Days

A well cared for home will attract more attention, receive a greater number of applicants, and rent faster – saving you expensive vacancy days and high turnover rates. If you own Dallas real estate, property management expert maintenance support from Specialized Property Management can keep it in the fast lane.


2. Reduced Maintenance Costs

First, as you respond promptly to maintenance issues, this keeps tenants happy and sets the tone for them to take better care of your home as well. The Specialized Property Management 24/7 maintenance hotline is the ultimate way to keep tenants happy. Secondly, maintenance issues are often like rust on a car. If you don’t take care of them early, it can become much worse and more expensive over time. Reduce costs through the Specialized Property Management routine property inspection and maintenance plan.


3. Reduced Liability

Our experienced Dallas rental property management team will advise you on what needs to be completed to meet not only local but state and national codes and safety standards. We will also keep an eye out for legal issues. This protects you from fees and lawsuits that could arise from issues not addressed. Since this could mean a wipe-out of your current assets, the best approach is preventative.


Increase the value of your property and the amount of money in your pocket over time by proactively improving and protecting for your Dallas real estate property. Management and maintenance gurus at Specialized Property Management are roaring their engines to help you. Call today, and we’ll race you to the property for a free assessment!