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Across the country, investors like you are looking to boost revenue, efficiency and stability in the management of their single and multi-family rental properties. That’s where we come in as the premier company among residential property management companies.

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Dallas Property Management Answers the Top Ten Landlord Questions

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Dallas Residential Property Management Fees

As the best of residential property management companies, our management fees are cost-effective and designed to end up saving owners money long-term. We charge a simple leasing fee to fill the vacancy, and our monthly management fees are a flat percentage of the monthly rent rate for a comprehensive spectrum of services. In the end, our goal is to pay for ourselves through more efficient, careful management. For example, filling a vacancy two weeks faster with a property manager pays almost half the typical management fee for the entire year!

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“I am very happy I chose this company. I was in the process of changing tenants and transition was very smooth.”

“We have found them to be responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They have made leasing our house a positive experience.”

“They are my first experience with leasing. I won’t go elsewhere. From start to finish they have been great. And we’re not finished yet! I am very happy with your service and can think of no improvements.”

“We highly recommend the services of this property management company, they do a great job. You are quick to respond in most all the issues we have inquired about. With us being in a foreign country, that is very important to us.”


What Makes Us Different from other Dallas Property Management Companies?

We use video to find a quality tenant for your rental property faster!

Our video tours allow potential renters to view your property from the comfort of home.  See some examples below: