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When leasing property, rental agreements have core elements. A property owner provides a home; a tenant agrees to pay rent for that home. Then the agreement gets a little more complicated since it needs to also address all the rules and regulations governing that basic agreement. Property management in Arlington, TX provides a lease that explains those rules and policies in depth. The tenant signs the lease committing to the rules laid out in the agreement. Landlords know that every renter brings a different experience to property management. Sometimes agreements need to be changed. With good communication and respect, landlords and tenants can reach agreements together to fit individual circumstances. According to Texas law, Arlington, TX property management companies and tenants can terminate a lease agreement with three basic ways.

A Lease Agreement Expires

A lease will naturally terminate after the agreed lease time is over. Landlords can offer a new lease agreement, or tenants can choose to move out of the unit. A naturally expired lease term is the easiest way to terminate a lease.

Tenant and Landlord Agree to Terminate Lease

The unpredictable nature of life creates circumstances where a lease agreement needs to be broken before its agreed-upon time. Texas law dictates that Arlington, TX property management companies have to allow a tenant to terminate a lease early when a protective order is issued because of domestic violence and a tenant needs to leave the rental for safety reasons. Also, when a tenant gives 30 days notice for active military duty, a landlord needs to respect a lease cancellation. Policies regarding early lease cancellation need to be clearly explained at the time of signing. Individual circumstances may allow leases to be terminated early, but the key to amicable agreements is always good communication between tenant and management.

Landlord or Tenant Break Terms of Agreement

When agreed on elements of a lease agreement aren’t being met by either or both parties, the agreement is void. This is not the most amicable way to end a lease. For example, if a property falls into disrepair and no longer is up to Texas health and safety legal codes, a tenant can take action to terminate a lease. Property management in Arlington, TX can terminate a lease when tenants repeatedly disregard policies or don’t pay rent.

Breaking a lease doesn’t need to be a battle. Tenants and their Arlington, TX property management can come to an amicable agreement. Try to:

    • Have a legitimate reason why the lease needs to be broken
    • Keep good records
      • Give adequate notice


    • Always be respectful and courteous to the other party involved

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