They say that you can’t over-communicate with someone and in the case of rental tenants, it’s perhaps even more true.  So whether by call, email, text or mail, staying in contact with your tenants makes everything else easier.  So, here are 5 tips from the leader in Dallas Property Management.

  1. Take the emotion out of it – Whether you’ve got great tenants or more challenging residents, you need to see this as a business venture. Treat the tenants professionally, but don’t get attached.
  1. Do more. Lots more – From property management in Arlington, TX to Dallas, your tenants deserve to hear from you as much as possible. Email, call, mail—it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you’re constantly staying in communication and there will be no surprises.
  1. Work Locally – If you hire a property management team, make sure they have Dallas property management experience. Each market is different so why let someone try stuff out on you? Find someone who knows property management in Dallas well and you’re on your way.
  1. Be clear about expectations – Nothing sours a relationship faster than unmet expectations. Be clear with your expectations and you and your tenants will have a much better experience.
  1. Don’t hover – Just like good parents let their kids out to learn for themselves once in a while, let your tenants figure out how they want to live in the house and you focus on making the experience as streamlined and easy as possible.
  1. Hard Copies – The idea of “nail and mail” has been around for a long time for good reason—it works. Especially with legal issues or financial matters, it’s best to give your tenants hard copies so that nothing can be explained away or potentially lost in cyberspace.
  1. Certify your mail – Many property management Dallas firms certify every piece of mail that goes out to the client. That way, they can ensure the communication was received or refused. Either way, a record is kept and you can prove what has been done and what hasn’t.

All that said, if you’re managing your own property, these kinds of issues can make for a frustrating and overwhelming experience. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you find a good Dallas property management partner, many of these issues can be easily solved and even eliminated long term.