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Property Managers Top Projects for Spring Maintenance

Spring cleaning is on the top of everyone’s lists, including property managers.  But do you know what needs to be done to get ready for the warm Texas summers?

As the temperatures rise, it’s a clear indication it’s time for spring maintenance for property management companies. Dallas, TX weather can be unpredictable so start in early spring with your seasonal maintenance needs. The pros of property management, Specialized Property Management DFW, are here to help you get through spring cleaning with our spring maintenance checklist. Find out what is missing from your property management list.

    1. Landscaping – The cooler months mean landscaping has gone by the wayside. Spring is a great time to show your lawn a little TLC. Aeration, overseeding, fertilizing, and pruning should be on the top of your list to bring life back into your landscape.
    2. Property Inspection – Doing a seasonal inspection helps landlords and tenants know how their property is functioning, if tenants are in compliance with their lease and address any needed repairs.
    3. HVAC Maintenance – Repairing and/or replacing heating and air conditioning equipment can be costly.  By performing regular maintenance and inspections, you are extending the life of your equipment.  As summer approaches, it’s important your A/C unit is functioning appropriately. This means property managers must clean or replace filters, remove build up on fans and forced air ways, check humidifiers and dehumidifiers are working properly.

By being proactive with your spring maintenance, you are making sure your clients rental property is functioning safely and efficiently. But, this can take up your valuable time. So why leave this up to just any property management companies? Dallas, TX knows and trusts Specialized Property Management DFW with their property management needs. No matter the season, we know what needs to be done to keep your investment protected.