SPM Dallas: Why We Partner with Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are in the business of buying and selling property. So, what happens when you have a client who cannot, or doesn’t want to sell their property? Many people who decide to move when the real estate market is not at its peak may decide to rent out their home instead of sell. According to Niche.com, 59% of Dallas residents are renters, and 41% are homeowners. So the likelihood of finding a willing tenant is quite high.

Renting can bring many benefits to owners, such as consistent income and the flexibility to move back into the home if needed. It’s a good investment for owners, but it doesn’t make you any money as the realtor. At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we’re in the business of managing rental properties. We work with property managers in Dallas to provide professional, comprehensive, property management so they don’t need to worry about the day-to-day grind. But what you may not know is that we also work with real estate agents in the DFW metroplex.

We partner with real estate agents in Dallas to help agents find more income, more sales referrals, and more time to build their real estate business. With our Realtor Referral Program, we have created a partnership that is equally beneficial to both parties. 

How it Works

When a client decides to lease their home instead of sell it, they can feel immediately overwhelmed with all they have to do, especially if they are new to property management. As their realtor, you can help them transition to their new role as a property investor by suggesting they work with us!  Even if a homeowner lives in a different town or state than their property, we promise to keep them updated with 24/7 online reporting on the status of their rental home. The 

real estate agents who refer clients to us will receive $350 per property once a management agreement is signed. There’s no limit to the number of clients or properties referred! Then when the homeowner is ready to sell the property, we refer them back to you, so you can earn that extra income on another home sale. 

The Laws and Regulations Property Managers in Dallas Need to Know

Having a hard time convincing your client that they need professional property management services? Many DIY landlords think they’ll save money and time when they manage everything themselves, but our over 30 years of experience shows that just the opposite is true. Some first-time landlords find themselves in legal trouble because they don’t have the experience or the time to know all the landlord-tenant laws in Texas they’ll have to follow. Websites such as TexasLawHelp.org can outline the specifics of certain landlord-tenant situations, but there are numerous laws and exceptions the landlord should be aware of. For example, a maintenance question as simple as, “Which conditions need not be repaired by the landlord?” is answered in the following way:

“Unless the problem is caused by normal wear and tear, the landlord has no duty to repair conditions caused by:

  • the tenant
  • a lawful occupant of the apartment
  • a member of the tenant’s family
  • a tenant’s guest or invitee

Finally, the landlord is not required to furnish utilities from a utility company if the utility lines are not reasonably available. The landlord is not required to furnish security guards (Section 92.052[b]).

The phrase normal wear and tear is defined as ‘deterioration that results from the intended use of a dwelling . . . but the term does not include deterioration that results from negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse of the premises, equipment or chattels by the tenant, by a member of the tenant’s household, a guest or invitee of the tenant’ (Texas Property Code, Section 92.001[4])” – Landlord & Tenants Guide, Special Report No. 866

Suffice it to say that tenant-landlord laws are complex! Real estate agents should remind their clients that when a landlord violates the law, they can expect to pay expensive fines and may even be taken to court. SPM Dallas has an in-house legal team that knows the laws regarding rental property. Our years of expertise can keep properties within the law and protect homeowners from hefty fines. 

Excellent Care from SPM Dallas

While property managers in Dallas do get that steady rent money every month that contributes to their cash flow, they also have to keep in mind the hidden costs that come along with managing a rental home. They’ll need to spend money on advertising, tenant screening, and property maintenance and upkeep, among other things. How do you know your client will receive exceptional customer service from our team? At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we help owners maximize their profits and minimize their costs with our proven processes: 

  • Comprehensive marketing and advertising to get maximum exposure
  • Thorough tenant screening and selection to reduce turnover and evictions
  • Full-service leasing including preparing documents and educating tenants
  • Routine property inspections so the home is maintained well
  • Online reporting available 24/7 through our online portal
  • Cost-effective, reliable maintenance to ensure tenants are happy and well cared for
  • Timely rent collection with an online payment option
  • Strict and compliant evictions to save money during the process
  • A 24/7 emergency hotline for landlords and tenants

There are many other property management companies out there, so we understand when your client wants to explore their options. While other companies dabble in lots of different areas, your client can take comfort in the fact that the majority of our business comes from serving single-family home rental property owners; it’s what we do best.

We Place Great Importance on Relationships with Real Estate Agents

You have probably spent years as a real estate agent building up your client base and making a reputation for yourself. You want to be seen as a realtor who works hard for your clients and showcases all the best aspects of their home to sell it quickly and turn a profit. Likewise, at Specialized Property Management Dallas, we have spent years building up our reputation as a reliable, efficient property management company that gives 110% to our customers. We want to keep our reputation, and we want you to keep yours. That’s why we do everything we can to maintain excellent relationships with our real estate professionals. We know that when we partner with great realtors, our clients will continue receiving the kind of exceptional service they’ve come to expect from us. We’ll trust you, and you trust us! It’s a win-win. 

More Opportunities to Grow Your Client Base

There will be clients who want to sell and clients who want to rent out their home no matter what. As we work together, you’ll have more and more chances to earn extra income as you send clients our way. Property managers in Dallas will see you as a valuable resource when finding property deals to meet their personal investment goals. Customers will reach out to you to find out more about current market trends and investment opportunities, and then tell their friends about you and your business. In turn, we’ll send our clients your way when it’s time to sell their home and we can continue a long and successful relationship.

Why Rental Owners Choose SPM Dallas

The property managers we work with have found that life is easier with professional property management on their side. Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about their experience working with us.

“I have had excellent service from the entire team.  Very quick response to any of my questions and for any changes that needed to be made.  I had done a lot of research of different management companies and found Specialized Property Management was highly rated.  It has been a pleasure to work with them, and I look forward to a long time relationship with my rental from them.  I encourage you to utilize their service.”

Google review from Kandy M.

“Specialized Property Management brings peace of mind and tremendous value to managing my investment homes, which included a townhome and a single-family home. I’ve used them for over 7 years and left them to manage my property while living out of state. Their level of professionalism, web tool, and dependable customer care makes things easy on both me as the homeowner and tenants. The management team also delivers the highest quality of seamless care and responsiveness for maintenance and leasing needs. They also bring quality tenants that stay for years! Thank you for your exceptional support, Specialized Property Management!”

Google review from L P

Call us today to learn more about how you can partner with one of the top Dallas residential property management companies. We thank you, and so will your clients! Real estate agents all around the DFW metroplex who take advantage of our Realtor Referral Program are glad they did!

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