SPM Dallas Uses Technology to Benefit Dallas Property Managers

The future is here, and Specialized Property Management Dallas embraces technology in ways that make you money. This is just one of the many reasons why we’re the best at what we do. Dallas property managers looking to increase their profits and minimize their hassles can benefit from our extensive use of the latest technology. Here’s what we offer. 

Electronic Showings

Most Dallas residential property management companies are still in the dark ages of property showings and require tenants to set up an appointment with an agent to see the property at a convenient time for both parties. Scheduling hassles can frustrate applicants since they often have limited time and many options. They will often move on to the next property or the one that is more convenient to see. This reduces your applicant pool as tenants self-select out of it. 

At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we allow applicants to view their potential property online! Once an applicant completes an online request and provides an active credit card to be held as a security measure, we’ll prescreen the applicant and give them an electronic code to view the property during a short, specified amount of time. This electronic system speeds up the showing process by maximizing interest at its peak and increasing the applicant pool. With us working for you, you won’t have to host in-person showings of your property unless you want to do so.

3D Virtual Tours and 4HD Photos

It’s helpful for tenants to see what the inside of the rental home looks like before they decide to sign a lease. With an iPhone-powered scanner, our technology allows members of the SPM Dallas team to produce high-quality 3D walkthroughs and HDR photos. This gives tenants a better idea of what the space inside your rental home is like, instead of relying on 2D images. This is a way tenants can view the property without scheduling a specific electronic showing. A quick 1 to 2 minute video listed with your rental property allows potential tenants to see the ins and outs of the property before deciding to apply. 

Online Tenant Applications

With our easy online system, potential tenants can see a home that a Dallas property manager has listed and submit an application all online. There’s no need for them to fill out a paper copy unless they prefer to do it that way. With just a click of a button, tenants just have to answer a few questions like desired move-in date, etc, and they’re on their way to being considered for the property. 

At SPM Dallas, we’ll look through the applications we get both in-person and online and select potential tenants with our effective tenant screening method. It won’t be too long before potential tenants will know if they qualify for the rental property or not. Living in the digital age means we’re able to get back to people more quickly and not leave them hanging for too long. This is just one of the advantages of using a property management company!

Online Rent Payments

Our technology-driven platform allows tenants to pay rent online for faster, electronic funding anytime, anywhere! Collecting rent through an online service provides automatic digital documentation, so there’s no need to mess with piles of paperwork. Everything is recorded digitally. Once a tenant has logged into their tenant portal through our website, they can enter the amount of rent they wish to pay. The funds are then electronically sent through ACH into the owner’s account for the fastest possible payment. Effective online rent collection means less time wasted cashing checks and counting out dollars. It also protects you, as the Dallas property manager, and the tenant!

“Online rent payment is one of the most secure options for both you and the tenant. For the tenant, it eliminates the concern over lost or stolen checks. In a recent Identity Fraud Consumer Report, researchers encourage consumers to “use online bill pay whenever possible.” Since a tenant’s banking information is printed on the front of the check, it could make them an easier target for fraud should the check get lost in the mail.” – from mysmartmove.com

If a tenant finds that cash is still the easiest way to pay and keep track of their budget, SPM Dallas uses RentMoney. It’s a new payment platform that offers tenants and landlords more payment options for their convenience. With RentMoney, you can take cash payments and convert them into a secure ACH electronic transaction, fully integrated with your Property Management Company’s information.

Online Maintenance Requests

Most Dallas property managers like to use a property management company because they no longer have to deal with maintenance issues face-to-face. At SPM Dallas, tenants can make a maintenance request online or via our 24/7 hotline so they don’t have to deal with waiting for their landlord to respond. 

“We love this company. They are fast to respond to any questions we may have. They keep constant contact with you. We have had only one maintenance request and it was handled the following day. If they are not in office they tell you exactly when they will be back or who to contact instead. The website gives us all of our information and documents needed so it’s easy to access. Every contact we have had they are very nice and professional.  I would definitely recommend them.” – Google review from Kaitlyn D. 

Online Reporting for Dallas Property Managers

Our rental property owners also have their own personal online portal, where they can review every detail about what is happening with their property, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world. You can view financial statements, see when monies are collected and disbursements are made, check tenant rental payment history, work order history, and even property photos.

If your property is in the leasing process, you can expect weekly updates from your leasing agent on showings, applications, and any recommendations or matters that may need to be addressed.

We Use Email to Communicate

According to the Pew Research Center, “64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011. Smartphone ownership is especially high among younger Americans, as well as those with relatively high income and education levels.” With everyone using their smartphones 24/7, it doesn’t make sense to send out everything in the mail anymore. At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we think most property owners should take advantage of email! It’s a fast, easy way to communicate that gets your point across, and you can look it over and over before you send it.

Should you email your tenant when their rent is late? Should you email them when their property inspection is coming up? Should you send them an e-card for their birthday? The answer is: only if it has been discussed beforehand as an effective way of communication for the tenant. When your tenant is filling out all of their applications and forms, they will probably have the option to write down an email address where they can be reached.

As the Dallas property manager, at the time of lease signing, sit down with your tenant and ask them directly if they want you to email them reminders about rent, etc. and how often they are ok with hearing from you. Also let your tenant know if it’s acceptable for them to email you about maintenance problems, safety issues, etc. so they won’t get frustrated by your lack of response. The key to effective, real property management is setting clear expectations and boundaries with your tenant from the get-go.

Should I Text My Tenant?

In this digital age, texting is so convenient. You can do it however and whenever you want to, and you don’t have to worry about background noise making it hard to hear you. However, a text message may or may not hold up in court. There is no Federal Rule of Evidence that specifically states that a text is acceptable. While Rule 1001 says that a “‘writing’ consists of letters, words, numbers, or their equivalent set down in any form,” a judge can interpret that however they want to. If you’re involved in an eviction case, and the only proof you have of written communication between you and your tenant is text messages, you might find yourself out of luck. The best property management companies in Dallas know when texting is a good idea, and when it isn’t.

Why We Use Technology at SPM Dallas 

Almost everything is moving online these days, and our team at Specialized Property Management Dallas is committed to keeping up with these changes. We take away the hassles of managing a rental property and make your life easier with our technology-driven systems. We believe when you work with us, you’ll recognize the advantages of using a property management company immediately. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rating and the lowest eviction rate in the DFW area with less than 1% of our tenants being evicted. We promise to get your property leased in under 29 days and do everything we can to keep Dallas property owners happy.

Let us help you get started with our comprehensive property management services today! Contact your Specialized Property Management Dallas team at 214-233-7572!