SPM Dallas: #1 Among DeSoto Property Management Companies

In DeSoto, Texas our motto is “Play, thrive, LIVE,” and our residents do just that! Settled in 1847, DeSoto is one of the oldest communities found in the northern part of Texas. Just 15 miles south of the center of downtown Dallas with a population of just over 53,000, there are plenty of places to explore and attractions to see. DeSoto is a beautiful all-American city with a suburban lifestyle and a wonderful sense of community. Tourists come from all over to visit our illustrious scenery, parks, trails, and our 60,000 square foot BMX track. With so much to do, it’s easy to understand why many decide to live in DeSoto.

Whether you’ve been managing your own property in DeSoto for quite some time, or you’re a new property owner researching potential DeSoto property management companies, we’d love to hear from you. Specialized Property Management Dallas is your tried-and-true source for professional property management services. With about 36% of homes in the DeSoto area serving as rentals, our property management office is dedicated to creating a unique property management experience for owners and tenants alike.

Local Experience

If you want to buy a home in DeSoto as your first rental property, don’t you want someone local to manage it? Too many property owners make the mistake of hiring a property management company that knows nothing about their specific rental market. Fortunately, at SPM Dallas we  live and work nearby, which means we have the experience to help you find a great investment property. The accurate, competitive rental rate we set will get your rental home leased in no time! When you work with our team, you’ll also receive a pre-leasing property assessment to see if the home needs any work or updating before it goes on the market. 

#1 for Marketing Among Desoto Property Management Companies

It’s easy to stick a “For Lease” sign in your yard, but you’ll be lucky if a handful of people see it. With our team of experts at the ready, we’ll post your home on over 85 rental listing sites to ensure as many potential tenants as possible see it. And if an applicant can’t view the property in person, our 3D photo technology and video tours allow them to view the inside and outside of the property online to help them make their decision.

Rigorous Tenant Screening 

In this business, a tenant that stays is a tenant that pays. We’ll ensure you have a great tenant with our comprehensive tenant screening process. Every potential tenant over 18 years old is required to fill out an application, and then we check credit and criminal background and verify income, employment, and rental history to be sure you’re getting a tenant who is responsible and reliable.

Rent Collection: It’s Easier Online

You deserve a DeSoto residential property management company that wants to make the rent collecting process as easy as possible. At SPM Dallas, we have a clear-cut rent collection system that allows tenants to pay rent through our website, and then funds are electronically sent through ACH into your account for the fastest possible payment. Have a tenant that doesn’t want to pay rent? Our automated collections process goes into effect the minute a rent payment is late so you don’t have to stress. 

Cost-Effective Maintenance

We take the hassle out of those late-night maintenance phone calls from tenants by answering them for you! Unlike other DeSoto property management companies that expect you to handle maintenance on your own, our SPM 24/7 Maintenance Hotline allows tenants to report any issues directly to us or make a maintenance request over email. A member of our team will respond right away to your tenant, letting them know the ongoing status of the repair. We also minimize your maintenance expenses as a property owner with our preferred vendor discounts and in-house system.

24/7 Reporting

Ready to rent out your property but have to suddenly hop on a plane? Not a problem! You can view digital documents about your property no matter where you are in the world with our online reporting system. We’ll let you know when it’s shown, when it’s rented out, and all the steps in between. Once your property is rented out, we’ll keep you informed about the current status with up-to-date reports and information. 

Regular Property Inspections

At SPM Dallas, we believe that preventative measures lead to a profitable investment. That’s why we conduct quarterly property inspections to catch maintenance issues before they become a huge problem. All of our home inspectors are qualified, licensed, and trained to know exactly what to look for during the property inspection. Routine property inspections keep the inside and outside of your property in great shape and your tenants happy.

Legal Expertise

Other DeSoto property management companies will tell you that you need a good lawyer before you become a landlord. There are a lot of laws, rules, and regulations that you have to follow in this business. At SPM Dallas, we provide you with in-house legal counsel to help you avoid regulatory mistakes and violations. Our legal team stays current on all trust accounting, fair housing, property code, and other landlord & tenant regulations. You can relax knowing you’re in compliance.

Why You Should Pick SPM Dallas

You can’t always tell which companies are the real deal. If you haven’t picked a professional property management company yet, be sure you take your time asking the right questions, like, “How much experience do you have? What kind of fees do you charge? How will you advertise my property? Why should I pick you over other companies in the area?” A company with nothing to hide should be more than willing to answer any and all questions you have and not pressure you to make a decision. At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we offer the following guarantees to our clients:

  • Hassle-Free Cancellation Guarantee: We understand that sometimes life happens, and you need to cancel your agreement with us. That’s why we allow our customers a Hassle-Free Cancellation Guarantee after 60 days without any red tape.
  • 10-Month Tenant Guarantee: Any new tenant we screen and place at your property is guaranteed for the first 10 months. Click here for more information on which tenants this guarantee covers. 
  • Customer for Life Price Guarantee: We want to keep you as our customer, so our reasonable management fees will be set for three years with zero increase. Even if you acquire additional rental properties during that three-year period, we’ll honor your initial fee for those properties as well. 
  • Legal & Accounting Compliance Guarantee: You deserve a property management team that’s got your back at all times. We’ll make sure your rental property complies with all municipal, state, and federal laws. We promise your financials will successfully meet all the criteria required by the State Department of Real Estate and all CPA GAAP regulations. All the records kept on the rental property will be easily accessible and organized in case of a regulatory audit. 
  • Eviction Protection Guarantee: Our Eviction Protection Guarantee covers the cost of unexpected evictions. For the first 10 months of the management agreement, if an eviction is necessary, we promise to pay for it. When your tenant reaches the 11th month of residence, you can continue to protect yourself through our Eviction Protection Plan for only $14 per month. Our EPP covers the costs of filing fees, legal fees, and court costs for unlawful detainer actions plus the cost of a Writ of Possession.
  • SPM’s Price Match Guarantee: If you’re interviewing other DeSoto property management companies and a competing company promises to do everything we do for a lower price, we’ll gladly match it! Simply present the competitor’s proposal to your Specialized representative before signing your agreement. This only applies to new contracts for properties we do not already manage.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Our clients around the nation are saving both time and money with our professional property management team. Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with us:

“As a rental home owner, I had a great experience with Specialized. They always found good renters in a timely manner and were extremely thorough when performing move-out inspections. They also responded very quickly to service calls and provided competitive quotes. I couldn’t imagine having an easier time renting out my home than I did, especially living out of state. Definitely recommended.”

Better Business Bureau Review from Chris W.

“Specialized Property Management has been a pleasure to deal with. They have been there to answer any questions I had regarding my next rental. I’d recommend them if you’re looking for your next property! :)”

Better Business Bureau Review from Patrick W.

“Fantastic experience for 8 years straight!”

Better Business Bureau from Vince K. 

In DeSoto residential property management, place your trust in a professional, experienced company with the knowledge to help your investment succeed. Call SPM Dallas today to find out what sets us apart from other DeSoto property management companies! Contact your Specialized Property Management Dallas team today at 214-233-7572 and take advantage of our comprehensive property management services!