When you move into a new home, doesn’t it seem like you are constantly going to the store for the first few weeks? Moving can be stressful and expensive, and you can make things easier for your tenant. Provide a couple of key items that will show them you know what you’re doing in rental property management. Dallas residents will appreciate it! In addition to everyday items, you can also give your tenant the right tools that they may need in case of an emergency. Specialized recommends placing the following 5 things around your rental property for tenant use.

  1. Toilet Plunger. It could be embarrassing for a tenant to have a friend over who plugs up the toilet and has to tell the tenant about it because there’s no plunger! A plunger is something you usually only buy when you need it, so give your tenant’s friend a little help and have one stashed under the bathroom sink. It’s a cheap way to show your tenants you are considerate, and it also prevents dirty water from overflowing all over the floor and damaging the bathroom. Trust the leading Dallas property management company and buy a plunger!
  2. Lawn Mower. Do you want your tenants to take care of the lawn? The answer is probably yes. If so, have a working lawn mower available for them to use in the storage shed or garage so they can’t make excuses. Most tenants are not going to go out to buy a lawn mower, especially if they know their situation is not permanent. Be sure to outline the expectations for lawn care in the lease agreement and show your tenant how to use it if they don’t know.
  3. Flashlight. Power outages can happen, so prepare your tenants and set yourself apart from other landlords in rental property management. Dallas landlords can provide their tenants with a flashlight so they can flip breakers to try to solve the problem and go about their usual activities without major interruption. Plus, having a flashlight readily available can help families with kids calm their kids down in case a storm causes a power outage. We see it all the time as an experienced Dallas property management company.
  4. Fire Extinguisher. Cooking is the number one cause of home fires and home injuries. Because this is the time of year when many are baking, boiling, or frying even more than usual, it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. You never know when you might need it! Make sure you talk to your tenant about where it’s located and how to properly use it so they can keep themselves and your property safe.
  5. Emergency Call List. To be effective in rental property management, Dallas landlords go the extra mile to prepare their tenants. Your tenant may have just moved into your rental property from another state and have no idea who they should call in case of an emergency. In case you can’t be reached, and the tenant needs immediate assistance, give them a list of plumbers, electricians, etc. that you trust or have a relationship with who can help them out. You can save money that way too!

At Specialized, we are the Dallas property management company that saves landlords time and money. We believe that providing the right tools for your tenant will help keep your tenants happy and your investment successful. Give us a call today to put us to work for you!