The safety and security of tenants are priorities to our rental property management in Dallas. Safety issues change with the season and weather changes. But any time of year, safety is everyone’s concern and attention to some simple details can affect the safety measures of your unit.  


Safety On Outside

39395591_lTake a look around the outside your rental unit.  You can get a quick idea where your property may need some safety attention.Overgrown bushes especially up against the home can be a perfect place for unwanted animals and burglars to hide in. Cutting back overgrown shrubs and cleaning up landscape around the property can make a place look nicer and also discourage potential accidents and prevent rodents from setting up house. Our property management company in Dallas installs adequate outside lighting as a good measure against potential lurkers. Motion censored lights give a quick flash of light when coming home in the dark. Always repair stairways immediately when needed. Rain gutters and drains need to be cleared from leaves and trash and functioning properly. Always check for exposed electrical wires.


Safety On The Inside

When a rental unit has a move out, always re-key the locks. Many places have laws about this requiring new locks on rentals before new tenants move in. Always install and frequently replace batteries in your home’s detectors such as smoke, carbon monoxide and radon detectors.. A list of all local emergency agencies or neighborhood watch groups can be provided to the tenant at the lease signing as well. A Property management company in Dallas can take further steps by installing security systems. These systems are even more valuable when linked directly to local police and fire departments,


Safety Checks and Inspections

Maintaining a property is an ongoing process for rental property management in Dallas. But the maintenance is always easier than big repairs caused from neglect. Always keep in mind the legal responsibility you have to safety and your tenants.