Why are rental property management, Dallas, TX inspections so critical? You may think that if you have the rental home inspected before tenants move in, and then again when they move out, you’re covered. The truth is that a lot of problems with a rental home and with tenants can be caught earlier when you conduct regular property inspections. At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we conduct quarterly inspections to prevent little problems from becoming major issues. Here are the 5 reasons why you should have regular property inspections.

  1. Inspections ensure compliance. Tenants tend to “forget” all the rules and regulations they agreed to follow at the time of lease signing. If you’re a landlord who doesn’t want pets in the rental home, then you’ll have put that in the contract. When a licensed inspector comes by to check out the property, they can take note if there are any signs of a pet living in the home. They can also check that other rules are being followed such as the proper number of tenants living in the home.
  2. Inspections help you be a better rental property management Dallas, TX, landlord. You might have a tenant who is hesitant to call you or email you about a safety problem such as an overgrown tree. However, once you’re there in person, you can show the tenants you care about how they’re doing and they’ll be more likely to tell you about their concerns.
  3. Inspections prevent major maintenance hassles. A licensed inspector will catch maintenance issues before they become harder to repair and more expensive. Maybe to a tenant, a crack in the bathtub doesn’t look like it’s causing that much damage, but to an inspector, it’s a problem that needs to be remedied immediately. Most tenants are not trained in maintenance, so the only way to protect your property is with a professional inspector.
  4. Rental property management Dallas, TX, inspections help tenants’ behavior. It’s hard to know that your tenant isn’t cleaning regularly if you never visit the property. Quarterly inspections keep your tenants on their toes and their best behavior. Taking care of the property consistently ensures that your tenants will be more likely to do the same.
  5. Inspections ease communication overall. You want a tenant who is ready and willing to communicate with you. Your tenant wants a landlord who pays attention to them and keeps the property in great shape. Consistent property inspections ensure better communication between both parties!

Your Specialized Property Management Dallas team conducts quarterly inspections to protect you, your tenants, and the property. We always give tenants at least 24 hours’ notice before the inspection and conduct them promptly and professionally. Give us a call today!