You’re a tenant, and you’re excited about renting your first single-family home after years of apartment living. You’ve picked out a three bedroom home with a fenced yard, a standard layout, and it’s less than 15 years old! But . . . there’s a problem. There is hardly any storage space! Although the home is spacious and open, the closets are tiny, there is no food pantry, and the attic space is nonexistent. This is a common problem that a lot of tenants face in rental property management. Dallas residents want to have plenty of space to store their necessities while also enjoying a large floorplan. Specialized Property Management Dallas is the leader among Dallas residential property management companies, and we want to give tenants some tips and tricks to help maximize the storage space in their rental home.

What to Do About Tiny Closets

When you first move into a rental home, most of your closets will come with the universal shelf above the single hanging bar. While this is functional, a closet is a lot more effective if there is some shelving system where you can store extra clothing. If you don’t want to ask permission from your landlord to install shelves in the closet space, then think about alternatives.

  1. Get rid of the closet shelf: Most wire-shelves can easily be disassembled and placed in the corner of the closet vertically to make room for one or several tall bookcases. Bookcases will give you the shelves you want without worrying about a bunch of hardware or putting holes in the closet wall.
  2. Put a dresser in the closet: This is a great way to not only free up space in your bedroom but add options to your closet. If your bulky, hardwood dresser is too big to fit in your closet space, consider purchasing a small rolling dresser from WalMart or Target. Rolling dressers are great for socks, underwear, etc.
  3. Buy an over-the-door shoe organizer: Shoes can take up a lot of room in the closet, so this is a convenient way to get them off the floor and into their individual pockets. Don’t have a lot of shoes? You can put other items in these organizers such as tights or rolled-up T-shirts too.
  4. Add baskets: Multi-purpose cloth bins and baskets are a great way to keep your closet organized. You can store them up high on that wire shelf or find some stackable ones. Make sure you label the baskets so that you don’t forget what’s in there!

Rental Property Management Dallas: The Food Pantry Solution

It can be frustrating having a beautiful open kitchen with no pantry to store your food in. Cabinet space goes quick, housing cups, bowls, plates, pans, and plastic containers. So, if you can’t store food in the cabinets and you don’t have a pantry, where does it go?

  1. Add shelves: This might be a good time to talk to your landlord and see how they feel about you installing a few shelves. Once you put a few shelves in or near the kitchen area, you can store your food in stackable bins to create even more storage space. Who knows? Your landlord might even like the idea so much they’ll offer to put it in themselves.
  2. Buy a freestanding shelf unit: You can purchase these at most home improvement stores. This is a great item to have that can go in the kitchen or dining room or the garage. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, and you can get one with wheels if you want to move it around. Let’s be real. Property management DFW closet solutions don’t have to be complicated.
  3. Add baskets above the cabinets: Some rental homes come with cabinets that start about a foot or two below the ceiling. Most of that space is just wasted! You can buy aesthetically-pleasing baskets and fill them with lightweight food such as pasta or cereal and get them down when you need to with a step ladder or step stool.

How to Cope With No Attic Space

Whether your lease is for a year or you plan on staying at the rental home longer, you’ll probably want to store seasonal items like Christmas decorations in the attic if you can. Rental property management Dallas is about thinking creatively and practically. When most homes are built, an attic space is created with a few plywood boards laid down in just a quarter or less of the attic space. If you can afford it, you can go to a home improvement store and buy some more plywood boards to lay down and give you more space. Since this is probably something that would be a permanent fixture in the home even after you move out, your landlord might be willing to pay for some or all of it. More floor space in the attic will only improve the overall function and storage area of the house and boost the value of their investment.

Expert Solutions From The Experts in Rental Property Management Dallas

At Specialized Property Management Dallas, our goal is to keep tenants happy and give them the answers they need for a better real property management DFW experience. If you find yourself in a home that lacks storage space in the closets, pantry, and attic, you can try these ideas:

  • Put a bookcase or dresser in the closet
  • Find a creative way to store shoes with an over-the-door organizer
  • Add shelves
  • Use baskets
  • Add plywood boards to the Attic

Your team at Specialized strives to make renting a positive experience! We hope these tips will help you make your temporary space a beautiful, organized and comfortable home! Give us a call today!