How to Excel in Property Management: Dallas Rental Property Owners Perform Property Inspections

You don’t have to be a ‘Sherlock’ to know that property inspections on your rental property are a good idea. They protect both you and your property! Any inhabited home will see normal wear and tear, but a property inspection ensures that any needed maintenance is taken care of and expensive repairs are avoided. Show your tenants that you’re different from the other property managers Dallas has to offer because you care about their safety and upkeep of their home, and they will be more likely to care for the property and talk to you about needed repairs. Follow these five easy steps for effective rental property inspections.


1.Plan Dates for Property Inspections in Advance

Schedule your inspections on a quarterly or semi-annually basis so that you’re consistent with your property no matter the time of year. With a plan in place ahead of time, you’ll catch problems before they get out of control.

2.Communicate With Your Tenant

For better property management, Dallas rental property owners help their tenants understand the necessity of property inspections before they even sign the lease. Speak with your tenants and take photos of the home even before they move in so you can use those as a reference in the future.

3.Provide Advance Notice

Even the most organized tenant can be forgetful at times. Reminding your tenants when an inspection is coming up is not only courteous, but it also ensures you’re not violating your tenant’s privacy.

4.Assess Needed Maintenance Inside and Outside

Hire a qualified home inspector to check all appliances, heating and cooling systems, and electrical wiring and plumbing throughout the home. If there’s a leaky sink that needs a quick fix, take care of it while you’re already on the property. Don’t wait and come back later. Be proactive!

5.Ensure Lease Compliance
Set yourself apart from other property managers. Dallas landlords who check that all terms of the lease are being followed at the time of the property inspection will save themselves headaches in the long run.

At Specialized Property Management, we conduct regular property inspections for you and keep comprehensive written records after each one. We upload condition reports and photos to your online owner portal so you can get updates on how your property is doing. We make it our goal to care for your rental property as if it were our own. Give us a call today!