Save Money When You Refer Specialized Property Management:

At Specialized Property Management, we value our clients! We want you to know that you can save even more money when you recommend us to your friends, family, and neighbors who own rental properties. Just email or call us with the referral information, and if it results in a management agreement, you’ll earn a credit toward your own management services. As the leader in Dallas real estate property management, we don’t limit our rewards to our valued clients. You can send us as many referrals as you want, as often as you want! Here are just a few reasons you can give your friends when they ask you why they should put their trust in our services.

Why Choose Specialized Property Management?

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: Our goal is to make sure our clients are satisfied and feel that their investments are in good hands. We pay attention to the details other companies don’t and are here to serve you. In Texas, we are the Dallas rental property management team that outperforms our competition every time.
  • Unsurpassed Experience in Dallas real estate property management: We have over 30 years of experience, so we know the ins and outs of property management. There’s no problem too big or too small that we don’t know how to solve.
  • Better Tenant Selection: Not only do we thoroughly verify credit and employment history, check criminal background, and contact past landlord references, but we also screen all tenants to make sure they are a right fit for your property while following all Texas Fair Housing Rules and regulations.
  • Shorter Vacancies: We understand that every day the property sits vacant you lose money, so we have streamlined the leasing process to make it efficient and effective.
  • Cost Effective Maintenance: Our regular property inspections protect you from having to sink a bunch of money into maintenance repairs. Our proactive approach sets us apart from other Dallas rental property management companies.

We know the Dallas real estate property management market. We provide you peace of mind that allows you to fully profit from your investment. You can assure your friends they are in good hands with our higher standards and professional worth ethic. You’ve already put us to work for you, so put us to work for your friends too! Refer us and save money!