Reduce Tenant Turnover by Being a Great Landlord

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The formula for being a great landlord: treat your tenant as you would want to be treated. Every experience with a tenant can be pleasant if a landlord is willing to go the extra mile. This effort will reduce your vacancy days,  help an agreeable tenant stay longer, and increase your cash flow in the long run. Here are some tips from Specialized Property Management on things you can do to be the kind of landlord you would want to have:


Maintenance Requests


The number one complaint tenants give to property managers in Dallas as why they leave a rental property is that the landlord was unresponsive or very slow to respond to their maintenance requests. If you want to avoid high tenant turnover, landlords should take care of needed repairs promptly and proactively.


Make that Extra Phone Call


Tenants appreciate your checking in with them, especially if a recent repair has been made. Call or email the tenant to ensure that everything is functioning properly within the home and there are no further issues or concerns. As experts in Dallas residential property management, Specialized Property Management makes a point to contact tenants frequently to check on the home and make sure that all appliances and systems are working as they should; and, if any recent repair jobs were done to the tenant’s satisfaction.


Consider Being Pro-Pet


A Dallas residential property leasing agreement should be extremely specific about your pet policies. Finding a comfortable rental home that allows pets in it can be the rental that tenants don’t want to leave too quickly.  You thoroughly screen your tenant application and know he or she has a stable income and no criminal background and then find out there is a pet in the family. You could lose the potential of an excellent rental situation by excluding pets in your home. When tenants and their pets feel comfortable in your unit, they will have seriously consider staying put when it is time to renew the lease.
At Specialized Property Management, our team of experts is ready and willing to assist you so to be the kind of landlord you want to be. We treat all tenants with respect and compassion, keeping in mind that retaining long term tenants will be beneficial to you as an investor. Our professionals are ready to work for you. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive list of services.