Red Flags for Property Managers in Plano, TX

There are a lot of responsibilities for property managers in Plano, TX and making sure their properties are filled with good, reliable tenants is one of them. When your investment properties are full of reliable tenants, providing property management in Plano, TX will be easier, but you’ll also make more money as these tenants generally stay longer and pay rent on time. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to learn the warning signs of bad tenants. Below are a few of the tale-tell signs.

  • Late to First Appointment – If you schedule a time to meet a prospective tenant to show a property and they show up significantly late (more than 5-10 minutes), you may have problems in the future. Basically, property managers in Plano, TX can expect prospects that show up late, without good reasons, to be even more lax on paying their rent.
  • Lousy Appearance – This is not referring to how pretty or handsome a person is, as that is discrimination. What this point is talking about is how nice a person dresses when meeting you, the Plano, TX property management professional, for the first time. This should almost be viewed as an interview from the prospect’s point of view because you do not have to lease them the apartment. If they don’t take pride in their appearance or care about making a good first-impression on you, then how much pride and care will they take in their rent home?
  • Faulty Information – Another red flag that should jump out at property managers in Plano, TX is an application that contains faulty information. Faulty information consists of information that is either false OR unable to be verified. Sometimes an applicant will accidentally miss something, but when you call him/her about it he/she should be willing to give you the missing information on the spot. If this isn’t the case, beware.
  • Inability to Pay Application Fee – Most Plano, TX property management companies all charge a small application fee (usually $25-$30) to cover the cost of a background/criminal check. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but you will probably run into applicants who ask for a few extra days to get you the money. Consider this a red flag because if they haven’t saved up to pay for this small of a fee, or don’t have the funds for it currently, how are they supposed to pay for rent?