Specialized Property Management Dallas Knows the Value of Giving Back

As the leading property management company in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Specialized Property Management Fort Worth has learned the value of giving back to the community. We are proud to be active supporters of the National Disability Center, a non-profit organization that provides affordable outdoor sports and recreational experiences to families and individuals of all ability levels and those in need.

The National Disability Center’s Story

The National Disability Center was founded in 1985 as a means to provide both seasonal and year round recreational activities to individuals of all ages and abilities. The company’s vision is to inspire achievement, and empower individuals while building their self esteem and confidence enough to actively participate in their communities. These goals will create a global impact for people of all abilities.


Helping to Cultivate the Ability in All People

The National Ability Center provides recreational activities that range from skiing and snowboarding to indoor rock climbing, cycling, water sports and even equestrian programs. The programs are designed to help people find their ability. Currently, the age range for participants ranges from 2-93 years of age!

The staff running these programs come from diverse backgrounds, and work hard to cultivate a positive and productive learning environment for all involved. To ensure the safety of those who participate, the National Ability Center provides instruction from certified professionals, many of whom are people with disabilities that serve as role models for their students. All interns and volunteers are sufficiently trained to complement the teachings of the certified teacher. More than 23,000 hours of volunteering as logged by the center on an annual basis.

Shared Core Values

Specialized Property Management Dallas and the National Disability Center share core values. Each company believes that integrity plays an integral role in our business practices, and are committed to honest and and consistent actions.

We believe in implementing new ideas to improve our overall organizations and the way we do business. We both strive to continually improve and work hard to exceed our market’s expectations. We believe in being resilient and turning what other companies would see as challenges, into opportunities for growth. There is a delicate balance for each organization between those we serve, and creating an environment in which we can achieve our goals for growth.
Specialized Property Management is proud to be a supporter of the National Ability Center, and assisting in furthering their mission of empowering people of all abilities throughout the nation.