Specialized Property Management Dallas Empowers Wounded Warriors

As a leading Dallas property management team, our goal is to share our success with others by giving back to our community. One way we are doing this, is by supporting organizations and nonprofit groups including the Wounded Warrior Project.

Behind the Scenes of the Wounded Warrior Project

Those involved with the Wounded Warrior Project believe that the greatest casualty is being forgotten. This belief is how they began to develop programs that empower those wounded in war to be the most successful generation of service members in our nation’s history. To meet the needs of service members who have been injured, the Wounded Warrior Project developed programs to support adjustments in mind and body and to ensure service members are engaged with one another and are empowered economically. These programs are helping wounded warriors as they define their new sense of “normal.”

Through the generous contributions they receive each year, the Wounded Warriors Project is on track to have served 100,00 warriors by the year 2017, helped 65,000 warriors through their health and wellness programs, and assisted 10,000 warriors in finding gainful employment through their Warriors to Work program.

Believing in Heroes

The Wounded Warrior Project continues to serve a growing population of those afflicted by their time spent in service. What began as a program to assist wounded service members by providing comfort items, has grown into a comprehensive rehabilitation effort assisting those who have served our country as they transition back into life as a civilian. The project provides ongoing support through their Alumni program, where those who have benefitted from the programs provided by Wounded Warrior Project can support one another, have continued access to needed resources, and help one another in healing from their experiences.

More than just support for physical ailments that occurred during the time of service, the Wounded Warrior Project also provides relief and help for those suffering the invisible wounds of war including PTSD, depression and combat and operational stress.

Giving Back

The sacrifices made by military men and women to keep our country safe should not be overlooked. For this reason, Specialized Property Management Arlington, TX is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. By pledging our support, we hope to assist them in furthering their mission of helping wounded service members become well adjusted and successful.

Consider Supporting Wounded Warrior Project

For more information and to support this important cause, please visit woundedwarriorproject.org