Read Why Our Clients are Very Happy With Their Plano Property Managers

Plano property management

With over thirty years of Plano property management experience and thousands of happy clients, we thought we could share a few tips for successful property management and what our clients have to say about our services. Our goal is that owners and tenants enjoy a renting experience that everyone can benefit from. Our owners have peace of mind about their properties, and tenants have confidence in our property management’s ability to keep their homes comfortable. Here are a few things we’ve learned over the years.

The Property Manager can Make a Difference

With owner’s, property, and tenants, your rental property management in Dallas has a lot of balls to juggle. Communication between tenant, owner, and the property management company can make the rental job go more smoothly. Specialized Property Management offers a 24/7 live person hotline to both tenants and owners to report any concerns or property emergencies. Our managers are highly trained and have the benefit of real estate knowledge that comes from decades of management experience that can handle any rental situation life can bring. We also provide diverse ways for open communication with phone, internet owner and tenant portals, old-fashion mail, and local offices for in-person communication. Because we care, you can always get a hold of someone at Specialized Property Management to help with your concerns.

“Mike in the service department has been very timely in responding to phone calls and email.”

—Shane Z.

“I’ve had several property managers in Dallas, and interviewed scores more. Specialized Property Management is simply the best around. Love you guys.”

—Jeremy H.

Plano Property Management can Give Owners Peace of Mind

Keeping rental property well maintained is a constant concern for investors. You never know when the kitchen sink will start to leak or the furnace will stop working. Specialized Property Management conducts regular maintenance inspections to try to catch potential problems when they are still small and more manageable. Proactive maintenance can also extend the life your home’s equipment. When your unit is in good working order, tenants are comfortable in your home and want to stay as long as they can. Our offices are local which means our rental property management in Dallas and the surrounding areas are close with local managers on hand to respond to any need your property has quickly.

“Ty is a great guy who knows maintenance and is very attentive to the needs of the residents. Prompt service and great customer skills equal a successful company who takes care of its client.”

— Jeremy P.

The managers at Specialized Property Management are proud of our outstanding customer satisfaction rating. With over thirty years of local rental property management in Dallas, we know we can help your property investment experience feel hassle-free. Learn about our comprehensive list of services that keep your property maintained and tenants happy, and check out more about what our clients are saying about us at