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Costly and Stressful Mess that is Eviction

Plano property managers often have one singular, dreaded nightmare: the eviction process. Even when everything is done to prevent any evictions, circumstances can change quickly. The process is costly, stressful, and often messy with potential legal risks. Now is the time to learn more before an eviction becomes necessary.


Our Eviction Protection Plan


Fortunately, Specialized Property Management has a tried-and-true program that can save a lot of time and money for property management. Plano landlords look for experts with local expertise as well as experience in the eviction process. Our professional teams offer a special eviction protection service that prepares, files, and covers all the paperwork and save you trouble. For a small monthly fee, our service offers:

    • Send pay or quit notice


    • Work with attorney to prepare summons, complaint, and other court documents


    • File the summons/order and pay court fees


  • Serve the tenant through constable and sheriff

Evictions are often unexpected, but they are always costly. Standard court fees are just the beginning. The process can take months to resolve, and additional legal actions add to the costs. Even small mistakes can cause expensive delays.  Emotional stress surrounding evictions can also be taxing, which is why the experts at Specialized Property Management are ready to work as your professional property management. Plano local laws and federal regulations can create legal pitfalls, but you can rest assured knowing your property is in safe hands.


An Ounce of Prevention

We also offer a full spectrum of services to Plano property managers, from screening reliable applicants, to getting homes “rent-ready”, to maintaining your rental property. By signing up today for our Eviction Protection Plan, our professionals can help you protect yourself and your rental property. Call now to save time and money for future possible evictions!