How to Prepare Your Rental Property


Dallas rental property management studies show that when a rental home is not ready to be shown, or the rent is not market appropriate, it delays the leasing process, turns off prospective tenants, and hurts cash flow. The good news is our expert team of professional property managers in Dallas offer a solution to this problem.


Our expert property management Dallas team works with you to help you avoid excess vacancy days. To do this, we set the goal of preparing the home to the extent that your prospective tenants can imagine themselves living there. That as they walk through the home they are mentally ‘moving in.’ To achieve this goal, we ensure your property is ready for showing before beginning the advertising and marketing process.

The property should be appealing both inside and out so that prospective tenants are more attracted to it. While you may be tempted to reduce your vacancy days by showing the property and lining up tenants while the home is being renovated, it is difficult for tenants to see what the home ‘might’ look like, and may be a deal breaker. Since the goal is to have them envision living there, showing the property during renovations is a no.

Our Dallas rental property management company offers the following tips for preparing your property to rent:

  1. Download our handy Rent-Ready Checklist.
  2. Contact us to help you with any of the following rent-ready activities:
    • Inspecting the property both inside and out
    • Maintenance & Repair
    • Appliance Replacement
    • Remodeling
    • Housekeeping
    • Handyman Services
  3. Work with professional property managers in Dallas who know the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. These expert teams will assist you in reviewing your market rent assessment and determining an appropriate rent amount for the market.
  4. Once the rental property is deemed ‘rent-ready,’ our Dallas rental property management team will begin aggressively marketing and advertising your property to get the unit filled by the best possible tenant in the least amount of time.

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