Your old tenants have moved out and it’s time to give your property a fresh, new look. How do you know where to start? Check out these suggestions from Dallas rental property management company Specialized Property Management to find out what you can do to make your rental home stand out.

Make the Front Yard and Porch Welcoming

Don’t want to trim all those shrubs yourself? Well, hire a landscaper then, because it can make a big difference towards giving the outside of your home a clean, beautiful, look. No one likes overgrown grass or weeds everywhere. Mow your front yard and plant some new flowers in the shrubbery area if there’s room. A tenant can also be deterred by a front door that shows lots of wear and tear, so repaint it a bright color, or replace your old door with a new one.

A New Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way

Once a home has been lived in, paint starts coming off around the corners and walls can get stained and scratched. Repainting your walls a neutral color can really make it shine. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on paint, then high-traffic areas of the home like the hallway or kitchen should be the focus.

Invest in Some New Appliances

Property management in Dallas is constantly changing. Appliances used to all come in white, then black appliances were popular, now the stainless steel look is in demand. Think about replacing your appliances with new, modern ones. Your tenants will appreciate the effort.

Replace Old Flooring

There are so many low-cost, quality options for flooring available that if you can afford to replace your carpet or linoleum, you should. A new floor won’t carry the scents and stains from other tenants, and really make your new renters feel like they are in a brand-new home.

Fix Broken Blinds or Shutters

Nothing looks more tacky than blinds in a window that have slats broken or missing. Either take out the blinds and put in new ones, or install curtains for a fresh, new look.

At Specialized Property Management, we know that the Dallas rental property management industry can be a competitive business. By taking care of the inside and outside of your rental home you will show tenants you care, and they in turn will be more likely to care for the property as if it were their own home. Give us a call today and we’ll help you get started!