Property Management Companies Dallas County and Painting

There is a lot involved when property management companies Dallas County prepare to lease a new rental property. First, if the investment property isn’t occupied, the Dallas County property managers should walk through the property and note any updates and/or repairs that need to be addressed, schedule them to be fixed and then begin marketing the property to get it leased quickly. One of the most common things that has to be done before a new tenant can move in, is repainting the walls.

Even if the property isn’t in dire need of a new paint job, this is something most property management companies Dallas County do regardless. Why? Prospective renters prefer to see clean rental properties the first time they look at them. A lot of people look at available properties without giving the property managers in Dallas County an application because they feel it’s dirty…even if there will be work done before they move in. A fresh coat of paint helps reduce this, as it looks (and smells) fresher.

So, once vacant investment properties are filled, how do most property management companies Dallas County handle painting requests from tenants? You may think this is an uncommon request, but surprisingly, it’s not. A lot of renters want to make a place feel like their own by painting. Many first-time investors who are managing their own properties go ahead and let renters paint the properties. However, most property management companies in Dallas County don’t allow this.

The reason the majority of property management firms don’t allow renters to paint is because, in most cases, renters choose colors that are hard to paint over. This makes preparing a rental property for another tenant that much harder to do, as some paint colors require a primer to be put on before a lighter color can be painted over. Therefore, if you are managing your own property, you may want to think twice before you allow your renters to paint their rentals.