Plano Property Management Knows The Rights Of Tx Tenants

DFW property management companies

While DFW property management companies may be inclined to focus the education of their property managers on laws and rights of property managers, without a current and working understanding of the laws and rights that protect tenants, a property manager is likely to walk right into a lawsuit. Careful adherence to laws and tenant rights is necessary to avoid hefty fines or seeing the inside of a courtroom. If you are looking for educated Plano property management, well versed in Texas law and the rights of tenants, our property managers at Specialized Property Management Specialized are experts in supporting the rights of your renters:

  • Safety First

SB 1448, effective January 1, 2010, requires landlords to safeguard the health and well-being of their tenants. Anything in disrepair that could jeopardize the safety of a tenant must be resolved, or law enforcement could get involved to ensure the correction occurs. A tenant may also choose to fix any problems and subtract the cost of the repair from their rent payment.

  • Safety Second

DFW property management companies must ensure the safety and security of a unit through protection from intrusion and unlawful breaking and entering. Plano property management is responsible for providing appropriate window latches, keyed deadbolt locks on exterior doors, and reasonable locks and protections on sliding doors.

  • Safety Third

A landlord must be particularly sensitive to the rights of a tenant not to be evicted without proper cause. A tenant has a legal right to feel safe and secure in the long-term stability of their lease agreement. The terms of the rental agreement must be upheld. Legally, the tenant has a right to what is referred to as “quiet enjoyment.”
DFW property management companies must be incredibly aware of the details of the laws that protects tenants. Even minor infractions can take a hit to your profit margins. Violations can result in tenants being exempt from paying rent, landlords being buried in fines or even the stress and cost of time in court over lawsuits. To avoid these penalties, it is vital that you entrust the care of your tenants with Plano property management aware of the tenants’ rights. This legal know-how often takes a backseat to other property management skills; however, with the impact legal action can have on your finances and your life, it is not a skill that should be taken lightly. And you will certainly find management with integrity at Specialized Property Management Specialized. To learn more visit (