People in our society rely a lot on online reviews to tell them what to do. For example, before you visit that new Chinese restaurant around the corner, you’ll probably look at the reviews from other customers to see if the food and service is highly rated. Online reviews can also help those involved with property management. Plano property owners who want to find a highly experienced Plano property management company with great online ratings should know a few things about how those ratings work.

An Interpersonal Industry

Property management is all about people. Almost all situations that arise will involve landlords, tenants, and managers. That includes maintenance. If your tenant has a leaky sink, they’re going to give their landlord a call, and if your property is managed by a Plano property management company, they’ll probably be the ones to fix it. The problem is that sometimes tenants are used to same-day maintenance repairs because that’s when issues were fixed in their previous apartment complex. Requests can take a bit longer when it comes to single-family homes. The Department of Real Estate determines whether a repair is to be completed and who will pay—owner or tenant. Tenants may not like having to pay for the repair themselves, so they will go online and write a negative review about the property management company.

If Reviews are Mostly Positive, Ignore the Negative

A good rule of thumb is to look at how many previous customers have posted positive reviews and compare them to the number of negative reviews. Also, what happened in the negative review? Sometimes a customer will complain that their maintenance request wasn’t taken seriously, or their landlord just “doesn’t understand them!” Don’t let an overly emotional or extreme review persuade you. Recent studies have shown that consumers are most likely to post reviews after extreme experiences. And those customers with a negative experience are 50% more likely to post an online review about it.

Put Your Specialized Team To Work for You

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