Are you one of the many Dallas property managers that would benefit from services offered by a professional property manager, but do not need a comprehensive service package? Specialized Property Management DFW gives other Dallas property management companies a run for their money by offering solutions to ALL of your property management needs, including single services.

‘Secret Services’ Often Skipped Over

Dallas property management companies often skip over the fact that services plans can be customized to the needs of the investor, including a single service plan. These unnoticed services are practically kept a secret!

What Services Can Be A la Carte?

Our goal is to customize a management plan that fits your specific needs. We offer preferred pricing and seamless service to ensure your needs as a property manager are met. The following solutions may benefit you:


  • Complete lease-only solution
  • Reduction of vacancy rates through rent-ready services
  • Eviction services protection plan
  • Real estate agent referral plans
  • Seasonal maintenance plans
  • Preferred vendor partnership


A Complete Solution to EVERY Property Management Need

While other Dallas property management companies are focusing on their full-service solutions for management needs, Specialized Property Management knows that each investor has different needs when it comes to utilizing the services of a management company. While some investors may need the comprehensive service packages, others only need the help from certain departments. Focusing on the individual investor is just another way we are giving Dallas property management companies a run for their money.

For more information on how Specialized Property Management DFW can benefit your property management needs, visit our additional services section to find out more about the solutions we offer.