Myths about Dallas Residential Property Management and Maintenance

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Hiring a Professional Property Management Company Can Save You Thousands



Handling tenant’s maintenance requests is simple.

— All I have to do is answer the call from my tenant and send a reputable company to make the repairs. And besides, my renters trust me and will understand if I can’t make the repairs when requested. They know I’ll fix it when I have the funds. When you manage tenants, it is all about having common sense and treating them fairly.



All maintenance requests should be taken seriously and handled quickly by property managers in Dallas.

All too often, property owners blame tenants for maintenance and repair expenses. But no matter who the tenant is, plumbing systems eventually fail, hot water heaters need to be replaced, and HVAC systems will break down. Some repairs emerge as soon as the renter moves in, and others may simply be from unnoticed wear-and-tear to the rental property. Property managers in Dallas must remember to take the necessary steps to make sure the people fixing the property have the proper licensing and insurance. If a worker does not follow code or gets hurt on the job, the landlord is usually liable for those costs. Ignorance of tenants and landlords is not a defense in court.


Property Managers in Dallas Plan For Maintenance Costs

Most homes incur annual maintenance costs equal to one month’s rent. When setting your rental property budget, Dallas residential property management should set aside 10-15% of the monthly rent for miscellaneous maintenance and repairs. A warranty of habitability is implied whenever a tenant and landlord sign a lease agreement. Tenants expect a safe home, with functioning standard features such as plumbing, water, heating and cooling, appliances, and proper weatherstripping. It’s the Dallas residential property management’s job to ensure that these commodities are taken care of and not left for some future day.

Specialized Property Management can help maintain and repair homes in a timely manner so you don’t have to worry about constant upkeep and tenant needs. Our local expertise and decades of experience give you the hassle-free leasing experience you need. Find out more about our comprehensive list of services and how we can put you on the road to rental investing success.