Monthly Review of Texas Economy and Fort Worth Property Management

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The global economy may be experiencing slow growth and low oil prices, but Texas is experiencing steady economic growth. Specialized Property Management DFW is your trusted Fort Worth property management company that keeps up on the trends of both the economy and the housing market. According to the Real Estate Center, in the Monthly Review of the Texas Economy, March 2016 was the third consecutive month that Texas experienced an employment growth rate better than the overall annual rate reported in December 2015. Specialized Property Management DFW is ready to support property investors with their Fort Worth property management needs in the upcoming summer housing market boom that is expected with the growing economy.

Economic Outlook for Texas

Texas economy was hit hard with the oil crash of 2015. Now the state economy is seeing steady growth. The seasonal adjusted unemployment rate fell in March as Texas metro areas offered more jobs in 2016 than were offered in March 2015. The economy is recovering, jobs are being created, and the housing market is also showing growth. Fort Worth investors need to consider their investing goals and the housing market for the coming real estate summer season boom.

What’s Happening in the Housing Market

Statewide housing sales grew 5.8 percent, showing the highest rate since July 2015. National rates are still higher in some areas, but the housing market in Texas is picking up. With the steady increase in demand for housing, especially for moderately priced homes, buyers are finding that the supply isn’t keeping up. Home buyers are not only finding it difficult to find the right home, but when they do spot that dream home, they are quickly outbid or faced with multiple offers on a single piece of real estate.

What this Means to Property Investors

Fort Worth property investors can expect to see a greater demand for comfortable housing. With frustrations in the buying area, families will look for alternative housing options. Specialized Property Management can get your unit rent-ready in time for a quick summer leasing. And while interest rates are still relatively low and with home prices expected to continue to go up in the future, now might be the time to snatch up a deal on properties that add to your portfolio. The other side of the current housing trend could also mean now is a good time to sell properties when it’s a hot seller’s market.

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