If you are in the Fort Worth Property Management market, hold on to your hats as the rental revenue increases are coming you way!

Axiometrics recently released a market forecast for job growth and rental revenue growth for the next five year period. Of the 54 markets studied, Dallas falls on the above average side for predicted rental revenue growth.

The study makes the correlation between rent growth and job growth as that is typically a driving factor in relocation statistics. Since Dallas is experiencing explosive population and job growth currently, it is predicted that the rental market will get a piece of the explosive growth as well. Another bonus, according to the study, is that the housing market has not fully recovered from the housing crash of 2008 which reduces competition for property managers.

Fort Worth Property Management Market Welcomes New Residents

Whether it is new grads, families relocating for jobs, or just a move for a change of scenery, Fort Worth property managers welcome any growth to the city’s population. As the Leading Fort Worth property management company, Specialized Property Management has the tools and resources necessary to assist you in all of your property management needs. If you are new to the industry, or a more seasoned investor, let us take on the tasks and responsibilities that come with property management so that you can focus on continuing to grow your portfolio and offer attractive options for new residents.

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