LGBT and Housing Discrimination: Knowing the Current Rules

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We’re hearing a lot of talk about discrimination, rights, and changing laws in the news these days. Fort Worth property managers are always concerned with discrimination in the rental industry and carefully follow fair housing rules. The Fair Housing Act was established in 1968 and has had only a couple of amendments over the decades. It’s intended to protect a specific list of citizens from discrimination when trying to obtain housing or funding for housing because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, or familial status.

How does fair housing rules apply to an LGBT rental application, and what are the current Fair Housing Act rules regarding this group?

Currently, the state of Texas doesn’t have a specific ruling for LGBT housing issues. As our community to make changes to policies from time to time, Fort Worth property management companies need to have knowledge of the current rules and regulations so if there are changes, Fort Worth property management companies can implement those changes into their management policies.

What can Managers be aware of now?

Concerned about fair practices in property management, Fort Worth managers at Specialized Property Management Special advise watching out for discriminating mistakes with:

    • How you advertise your property
    • Dishonestly reporting that a unit is no longer available when it really is
    • Preparing lease applications with discriminating questions for screening purposes
    • Tenant Screening for things other than what is allowed by state regulations

Investment property owners need to remember to view their rental property as a business, without emotional ties affecting business decisions. There are some exemptions to the Fair Housing law, but owners would be wise to have the help of a professional property management company to make sure they avoid costly fines from unknowingly breaking current regulations or future ones if there are changes to the law. Our community is diverse, and that variety makes it rich in culture. Fort Worth property management companies are here to help each citizen find suitable housing without discrimination.

Responsible Property Management and Fair Housing

We live in a changing world. Specialized Property Management Specialized is the property management Fort Worth investors can trust to keep their rental property compliant with all codes and regulations. Being a responsible management company means we treat all applicants respectfully while still ensuring we find the highest quality tenant to rent your unit.

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