property management in Lewisville

Better Property Management Services in Lewisville

Are you looking for the best rental property management Lewisville has to offer? Specialized Property Management has the work ethic, services, integrity, experience, customer service ratings and a 100% satisfaction guarantee that makes us the #1 choice for property management in Lewisville.

Incredible Customer Service

Our customer is both the tenant and the property owner. Our job is to connect these two parties and ensure they’re both happy with the relationship. Our 98% customer satisfaction rating is a testimony to our success in meeting both the tenant’s and the property owner’s needs. Our Specialized Property Management business philosophy includes:

  • Respect for owner and tenant
  • Clear communication
  • Integrity in our business practices

Affordably Priced Services

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can put our high-quality services to the test with zero personal risk. Our exceptional work means fewer costly mistakes and vacancies taking a hit to your bottom line. The money, time, and headache we save you generously cover the cost of our services, making a partnership with Specialized Property Management in Lewisville an investment. You can trust that we always have:

  • No up-front costs
  • Never any hidden fees
  • Always clear pricing for the selected services

Faster Leasing Time

Fewer vacancies mean higher cash flow. When working with the local expertise of our rental property management, Lewisville Specialized Property Management can fill vacancies in less than 29 days. Our leasing services include:

  • Property rent-ready preparations
  • Remodeling services with clean-up
  • Online virtual tours
  • Highly trained leasing agents for on-site tours

Careful Applicant Screening

Higher quality tenants mean less turnover, less property damage, less crime. Our screening process is thorough without becoming cumbersome or extending vacancy periods. Our leasing expertise ensures you have quality tenants for more peace of mind and more profit. We rigorously screen all applicants 18-years and up, checking:

  • Rental history
  • Employment verification
  • Background
  • Credit history
  • Sex offender lists

Reduced Legal Risk

The Specialized Property Management team in Lewisville supports your legal needs with an in-house legal team to manage:

  • Risk mitigation policies
  • Eviction and writ of possession services
  • Lease preparation

Financial Services

Our business integrity makes us a trusted partner in your rental property management. Lewisville owners have financial peace of mind with:

  • Independent monthly audits
  • Owner 1099 preparation
  • ACH/direct deposits
  • Online rent collection

With zero risk, you’ve got nothing to lose putting the services of Specialized Property Management to the test. Let us prove our worth to you today as your professional property management in Lewisville. Call now.