Lease Agreement Requirements in Texas

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A lease or rental agreement is a binding document defining the relationship between DFW property management companies and the tenants renting their properties. It outlines the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the tenant and landlord, as well as some of the repercussions for failing to fulfill them. Before signing the document, a prospective tenant should review all of the outlined terms and ask any necessary questions to understand the terms of the agreement fully. Once signed, there are very few circumstances that could cause the lease to become void.

What to Include in a Lease

While there are general requirements that Plano property management will include in the lease agreement, each state controls the specific requirements for properties rented within the boundaries of their jurisdiction. This legal contract includes the names of all involved parties as well as a description of the property, including the address. The terms of the agreement should be clearly stated, specifically the amount of rent due and the date it is due, security deposit details, and requirements surrounding pets. The lease should also detail the process for requesting maintenance and repairs. After the lease is signed, to end the agreement before the date outlined in the agreement often requires legal action.

Leases in Texas

In addition to these general standards for a rental agreement, Texas rental agreements can be different in these ways:

    • Disclosures: Plano property management must write the agreements to include a full disclosure of the results of their defaulting on making repairs. The contract must provide information about individuals who are authorized to act on behalf of the landlord to make timely repairs when the landlord fails to do so.
    • Security Deposits: Texas state law does not regulate the amount a landlord may charge for their rental security deposit, but Texas law requires that deposits must be returned to the tenant (apart from deductions for cleaning and repairs) within 30 days of the tenant’s move.
    • Small Claims Lawsuits: For tenants wishing to sue DFW property management companies in a Justice Court for the return of their deposit, they can do so but must limit the suit amount to $10,000.

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