DFW property management

DFW property management

DFW property management knows that with rental property investment the business deals with people, their stuff, and the actual property itself.  All of the facets of the business has laws and regulations that can be strict and well defined. Knowing those laws and regulations is the first step to avoiding making mistakes and having costly fines and penalties. DFW is the property management Keller has to offer an experienced legal team that can help you with legal matters, but here are a few common mistakes made that should be avoided.

Privacy Laws

Now you have the perfect tenant in your rental unit. Never forget that even though you may own the property, a tenant with a signed lease and keys to a unit has a legal right to privacy. If you need access to the rental property, DFW property management will always give tenants a 24 hour notice of scheduled inspections or maintenance. Emergencies is an exception to this rule and usually don’t need notice. Always be respectful to the tenant whenever you need to enter their home.

Maintenance of the Unit

Your tenant has a legal right to rent property that is fit to live in. Laws of “implied warranty of habitability” are in place with most states. This means that tenants have a legal right to working utilities such as electricity and heat, along with clean water. The structure of the property needs a working windows and roof. The structure of the building should be kept in good repair and be checked for safety issues. It is illegal for DFW property management to refuse maintenance and repair to rental units while a tenant is living in the unit.

Real Property DFW knows the legal issues of property management. Keller property owners can rely on DFW experience and legal experts to avoid the mistakes commonly made in property management.