Landlord-Tenant Communications Need Prompt Attention

TX property management companies

There is nothing more aggravating to a tenant than to feel unheard when submitting a request or complaint. If the tenant feels the need to submit any communication about a situation, a delay in response can be enough in poor customer service to push that tenant out the door the moment the lease agreement is up. A slow response is one of the fastest ways to reach a vacancy.To maintain good customer service in providing prompt responses to tenant complaints, Arlington, TX property management companies would do well to follow these simple pointers:

1. Provide several avenues for filing complaints

It may seem counterintuitive to offer many options for a tenant to complain, but this is the first step in helping a tenant communicate when they are feeling frustrated. If the process for filing a complaint gives the tenant additional cause to complain, it will be tough to recover and regain a positive perspective from them on your property management. Arlington, TX managers may include complaint registries such as these to facilitate a simple, easy, and smooth process for filing issues:

    • A 24/7 emergency hotline.
    • A non-emergency number for business hours.
    • An email address.
    • An electronic submission form, such as a form through a website or tenant portal.

2. Always respond promptly

When striving to provide a prompt response it is far too common for Arlington, TX property management companies to initiate a resolution of the complaint without actually responding to the tenant. A good customer service policy at the very least acknowledges receipt of the complaint within a 24 hour period. If this is not possible, an apology for a delay in response may be necessary when you can respond. Because complaints are a sign of an already disgruntled tenant, communications and resolutions must be handled carefully so they do not fuel the fire.

3. Provide regular updates on your resolution of the issue

Most issues will not be resolvable overnight. So after the courtesy acknowledgment of receipt within 24 hours of submission, regular updates about the progress of the resolution should be provided by property management. Arlington, TX managers may experience this series of communication like this:

    • A tenant files a complaint by leaving a voicemail on the non-emergency phone.
    • Within 24 hours you call back to confirm you received the message and will look into the issue right away. You schedule an appointment right then to check the issue during a time that is convenient for the tenant.
    • After reviewing the issue, you hire a contractor to fix the problem, and you call the tenant to inform them of the scheduled appointment.
    • After the fix, you again call the tenant to confirm the issue is completely resolved.

Communication is key in any relationship and in resolving any situation. This type of tenant-landlord situation is no different. Our Specialized team has a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Ask us how we can help your tenant relations. Find us at