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Better Property Management Services in Keller

Are you looking for the best property management Keller has to offer? Look at the comprehensive list of services we offer. Whether you own one rental home, a condo, or a multiplex, we have over 30 years experience to get your property rent-ready and leased in record time. We are your Specialized team that is ready to show you how our proven processes will benefit your investment efforts.

We Specialize in Taking Care of Your Property

  • Proactive Maintenance— Our Specialized team keeps your property well maintained with routine maintenance. Repairs are done when problems are small before they become more expensive messes. Approved Home Depot pricing helps us keep your maintenance costs and supplies as low as possible.
  • Regular Inspections— Move-in, move-out, seasonal, rent-ready, and rent compliance inspections let our professional managers stay on top of the needs at your rental and ensure your property is well maintained.

We Specialize in Taking Care of Your Tenants

  • In-depth Tenant Screening— We want the highest quality tenant to live in your home. So, we carefully screen every tenant applicant over the age of 18 with credit, employment, rental history, criminal, background, and sex offender list checks.
  • Transparent Communication— If there is any need at your property, tenants have access to a 24-hour live person to answer those concerns. Property policies and expectations are clearly explained at the time of lease signing. Communication between the property management and your Keller tenants is always an open line.

We Specialize in Taking Care of Finances

  • More Affordable Services—  We offer a comprehensive list of services for all your management needs. You can try those services with no up-front costs making it completely risk-free to you. When you see the difference our Specialized managers make to your rental investment, you will have no problem budgeting for our fees as everything is clearly priced and there are no hidden costs.
  • Faster Leasing Times— With our proprietary marketing process, your unit is listed on high-traffic websites. Virtual tours of your property are available to potential tenants 24/7. And, experienced leasing agents respond quickly to any inquiries about your property. We guarantee fewer vacancy days as most properties are leased in less than 29 days.
  • Financial Peace of Mind— Online payment options make rent collecting easy and secure. Owners can view financial reports 24/7 with our online owners portal.  Owners enjoy the convenience of direct deposits of funds and end-of-year financial services.

Our services are unmatched by other Keller property management companies along with our 98% customer satisfaction rating.  We offer you the ultimate in hassle-free and risk-free property management. Find out how our local expertise can bring you great success with your investment property. Call us today.