Is Your Property Rent Ready?

Dallas real estate management

Lights, Camera, Action!

Think of your vacant rental property as an empty stage. The curtain is down, the spotlights are off, and the orchestra pit is void. Dust drifts through the air. No audience is going to come and watch an empty theater stage.

Just like a stage, Dallas rental management owners should remember that rental property needs life and light to draw the perfect tenant. Specialized Property Management knows the leasing process is delayed if the price is too high for the market, or a rental property is not ready to make a good first impression.

Up Front and Center Stage

Specialized Property Management leases thousands of homes per month, so our professionals know all about show biz of a rental home. Consider the following Dallas rental management tips for getting your property “rent-ready.”

    • Two words: curb appeal. Just like a prospective theater performance, an unattractive first impression from the beginning can cost Dallas real estate management time and cash flow.
    • Next, walk through and note needed maintenance and repairs. Theater audiences don’t want to sit on hard, metal chairs to watch a play. Don’t let your potential tenants worry about safety or security either.
    • Fix the needed repairs and maintenance. Audiences don’t watch dress rehearsals; likewise, don’t show the property while it’s under renovation.
    • Re-keying the property increases safety, secures access, protects tenants, and this is often required under law for Dallas rental management. Also remember to check appliances, detectors, and heating and air conditioning.
    • Determine the appropriate market amount, a rule of thumb that applies to ticket costs and rent rates. If the rent cost is too high or too low, leasing will be extended and make finding great tenants difficult.
    • Finally, upkeep the property during a vacancy. This includes lawn care, landscaping, and weekly cleaning.

Curtain Call

Specialized Property Management knows the goal is to create the perfect rental property tenants can see themselves living in. A well lit, comfortable and clean home is much more likely to draw great tenants. Our expert team at Specialized Property Management takes care of all the hassle and headaches that go along with getting a home “rent-ready.” An excellent theater performance requires professional actors, limelight, and a stirring plot and script. The same applies to Dallas rental management. With Specialized Property Management, we guarantee your rental property will be handled by professionals with decades of experience. Call today to learn more!