Pay Less, Get More.

As our valued client, you join the ranks of the largest, most powerful collective of rental property investors in the country, and membership has its privileges. 

Not only do you receive the most reliable, professional property management in the industry, you have access to strong insurance coverage and liability protection—with low premiums that can leave more money in your pocket.

The Problem

As a rental property owner, you need insurance. And, as an individual investor, you don’t have much clout when negotiating a strong policy. What’s more, insurance companies are nervous about the unpredictable nature of tenant-occupied properties, which leads to higher premiums and limited coverage—often in the areas where you need more protection.

On your own, you’re left holding much of the risk.

The Solution

With thousands of rental properties under management, we combined our collective buying power to access insurance from a top-rated insurer that is specifically designed to protect our clients and their rental homes. Our clients can secure better coverage with lower premiums, as the insurers know that the property is professionally managed.

The savings you receive with an InvestPro Residential policy could cover up to half of your monthly management fee.

What’s Included?

With InvestPro Residential, our clients have the buying power to get them much more than they could likely get shopping around as an individual investor. With the master InvestPro Residential policy you will not have to settle for a high-rate, low-coverage rental policy, even if you only own a single rental.

  • Great Coverage: full combined (property/liability) limit of $1M
  • Quality Carrier: carrier is A+ rated, national underwriters
  • Vacancy Coverage: important to owners, yet rarely covered on typical policies
  • Broad Forms: a broad-form policy for wider protection
  • Replacement Cost: better than typical “depreciated cost”
  • Ordinance & Law: includes $50K with increased limits possible, typically omitted
  • Sewers & Drains: includes $25K for backups in all locations, higher limits available
  • Additional Coverage for Flood and Quake available.
  • Reliable Support: 24-hour customer service and claims hotline ready to serve you
  • Simple Billing: included in your monthly management fee (with premium remitted to the carrier by a licensed agent)

The Clear Choice for Smarter, More Profitable Investing

Our professionalism and our size have allowed us to create a winning combination of management and have access to insurance protection.


Together, your professional property management team and the coverage under the InvestPro Residential policy provide top-quality care for your interests, likely far less than you’d pay combining lower-quality insurance and management elsewhere.


As a valued client, you don’t have to go out and shop the market, hoping that the policy is written for the specific needs of a rental owner, without buying power.


The insurance coverage provided under the InvestPro Residential policy is specifically designed for rental home owners.


Protect all your investment properties with an insurance policy issued by a reliable carrier—for less.

Don’t Settle for an Off-the-Shelf Policy with Typical Limitations

—get backed by a commercial-grade program designed specifically for the savvy rental property owner.

Chances Are You’re Not Currently Protected In These Areas

As the owner of a rental home, you want to protect your property from damage, and you want to protect yourself from liability.  Consider these scenarios where InvestPro Residential can make all the difference—items often left uncovered by a standard rental home policy.

Property Damage

With InvestPro Residential, you have replacement coverage, instead of the typical coverage that deducts for depreciation and may not be enough to cover the repair. Plus, the master policy provides coverage for these items often not allowed on rental policies:

  • Texas weather: wind, hail, tornadoes
  • Water damage from a sprinkler
  • Vandalism/theft
  • Fire caused by lightning
  • Volcanoes (yes, even those)

Liability Coverage

Liability is a real concern for rental property owners. The InvestPro Residential master policy offers liability coverage that other policies may not include:

  • Assault and battery, including bodily damage to a third party
  • Pollution and exhaust, such as a deadly carbon monoxide leak
  • Hostile fire/arson liabilities
  • Dog bites on the property

More Coverage for Less

Compare InvestPro Residential to the Typical Rental Property Insurance Policy

Covers only the named insureds for liabilityCovers both property owner and property manager as insureds
Liability limits written as low $100,000 / year$1,000,000 limits of liability included
Policy often excludes claims for assault, battery, abuse & molestationPolicy provides coverage for assault, battery, abuse & molestation claims
Policies typically only written in individuals’ namesPolicy can be written with an entity as an insured
Typically insured only for basic perils or named specific perils (limited coverage)Written on a broad, “All-Risk” form commercial property coverage
Vacancy losses excluded completely or very limitedVacancy permit endorsed to the property coverage
Backup of sewers and drains expressly excludedProgram includes $25,000 limit per location limit available
Ordinance & Law typically excluded on dwelling/rental insurance programs$50,000 program limit included, program wide
Policies typically written excess and surplusCoverage is written with admitted carriers licensed by the state
Real Property Management is not an insurer or an insurance agent and does not engage in the business of insurance.  InvestPro Residential refers to a master liability and property insurance program issued by one or more top-rated insurance carriers under which clients of Real Property Management can be included as insureds.   The InvestPro Residential master policy is brokered by Swingle Collins & Associates, an independent, licensed Texas insurance agency.  Swingle Collins & Associates is the point of contact for all questions concerning the InvestPro Residential master policy.
The descriptions of the InvestPro Residential coverage are brief summaries only and are subject to the provisions, limitations, and exclusions contained in the actual policy and related endorsements. The information on this website is provided for general informational purposes only and does not include all the terms, coverage, exclusions, limitations or conditions that may be contained in the actual insurance policy. The InvestPro Residential policy itself must be read for those details. A sample policy form can be made available upon request to Swingle Collins & Associates.

Top-Tier Service, Rock-Bottom Pricing

It’s just one of the perks of membership in the Real Property Management client family—the largest investor collectives in the nation.

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